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Part One I didnt run, though I dont know why. Maybe it was because of how welcoming she was. How beautiful. Or it could be I was too scared to turn my back, afraid that whatever this woman doll truly was, she would run me down and tear me apart, filling my mouth and ears and eyes with hundreds of tiny red legs and questing jaws. Or maybe it was because of how right it all felt. Because if Im honest, I wasnt confused or scared. I was overwhelmed with the same sense of relief you have when you wake from a bad dream and realize that worse version of life has fallen away from you. I knew the woman standing in front of me with her perfect skin and her warm, brown eyes wasnt my mother. I knew she had somehow come from the manikin, which meant that she was magic somehow, and something other than human. But when she bent down and gave me a gentle hug, it still made my heart hammer with joy. When I smelt the faint aroma of a perfume that…well, I didnt know what my mother might have smelled like, but I imagined it was just like that mingled scent of vanilla and honeysuckle. And when she laughed and talked to me, really seeing me and listening as I allowed myself to be led inside, there was one thought that thrummed deep and resonant in the center of my heart. I was finally home. I worried about what my fathers reaction would be to a strange woman in his house, but Marisol (that was her name, she told me with a grin) assured me that she would handle it and it would all be okay. It was strange—we talked a lot in the two hours before he got home, but we never actually talked about it. Where she had come from, what she actually was, or anything else related to the strangeness of it all. It was as though there was an unspoken understanding between us—two old friends who knew the score and were happy enough with each others company to ignore the questions it raised. Whether my father would be so laid-back…that might be a different matter entirely. When Dad came home and saw us sitting in the living room, his first reaction was surprise. He made an awkward greeting and then asked me who my friend was. When I told him that it was Marisol and she was supposed to stay with us, he looked funny for a moment as though remembering some hard to digest fact or idea. His eyes widened slowly as he looked at Marisol again and then me. “Honey, come here for a minute please. ” He took me out into the front hallway and knelt down. “Is this who I think it is? ” I felt relief that he recognized her too. “Yes, Daddy. Its the manikin. Or she came from the manikin at least. I havent been upstairs to see if the doll is gone or not. ” He swallowed, glancing back into the living room nervously. “Has she hurt you or done anything bad? ” I frowned and shook my head. “No, Daddy. Shes real sweet. She wants to stay with us and I want her to too. ” Rubbing his lips, he gave a dry laugh. “Yeah, well…well see. I need to talk to her. Try to understand this more. Id given up thinking it would work, and seeing it here…” He met my eyes. “Do you think she came from the bugs you saw this morning? ” I shrugged, not liking the reminder of what Id seen. “I dont know. I dont see how. She looks like the doll, not a bug. And shes nice. ” I paused and then added. “She makes me happy. ” My fathers face softened and he gave a nod. “I…I understand, baby. Im not saying she cant stay. Not yet. But I have to talk to her. Check her out some. You stay out here for a bit and Ill take her in the kitchen. Okay? ” I started to nod when he grabbed my arms gently. “Baby, if you hear anything scary or anything bad happens, you do not stay here or try to help. You run down the road to the neighbors house, okay? Tell them to call someone. The police, I guess. You understand? ” I nodded, worry stirring in my stomach—not that she would try to hurt us, but that my father might get scared and make her leave. “I promise. But itll be okay, Daddy. ” He gave me a weak smile before leaning forward to kiss my forehead. “I hope so. Just sit tight until I get you. ” Standing back up, he went into the living room and asked Marisol to talk to him in the kitchen. The time waiting for them to come back seemed to drag on forever, but when they finally did come back, I could tell they had worked things out. They both seemed happy, and they told me my father had agreed Marisol could stay with us on a trial basis. Wed turn my mothers old sewing room into a guest bedroom, and wed see how things went from there. They glanced at each other when he said this, and even then I had the thought that he liked her too. That just like me, he was tired of being lonely. That night we had a big dinner and stayed up late, and when they finally carried me up to bed, I noticed that the corner of my room was bare. Smiling at Marisol sleepily, I reached out and touched her hair. “It really is you, isnt it? ” She nodded, her eyes twinkling in the dark. “It is, sweetness. Now get some sleep. ” The following morning I woke up in a panic, sure that the day before had just been a wonderful dream. But then I smelled breakfast cooking and laughter from downstairs. I rushed down the stairs much as I had the day before, but when I rounded the corner this time, I saw my father and Marisol talking and joking around as they cooked breakfast. Even at seven, there was a part of me that knew it was all very strange—how could we be comfortable with something like this, particularly so quickly? The best answer I had was that it was part of the magic of Marisol being there at all—a wonderful magic that had made us a real family again overnight. I know this makes me sound as though I was either very naïve or willfully blind, and both are probably a bit true. But I wasnt an idiot. Over the days and weeks that followed, I always kept a close watch on Marisol and my father. I could never completely shake my memories of the manikin glowing or what had come out of it, and it prevented me from entirely trusting her at first, despite my strong desire to just give in to our new life entirely. But she really did seem good and nice. She was always kind and fun, and just being around her made you feel happy and safe. And it was good to see my father smile again. Really smile and really laugh, not just the fake stuff hed always done for my benefit. I hadnt known the difference before, but I did now, and I couldnt imagine going back to the way things had been for either of us. When, after a couple of months, Marisol stopped staying in the guest room and started staying with my father, I understood on some level what that meant. They started giving each other odd looks and would whisper when they thought I didnt notice. Theyd hold hands and sit close, and it made me happy because I could tell that my father loved her as much as I did, and that meant Marisol was here to stay. Its funny that I have such clear memories of all of this. My ability to remember, and even my perception of time, has never seemed to dull. If anything, I might recall things more clearly than I think is natural. I can look back at almost any point in the last thirty years and see the day as though I was reliving it—from the day Marisol came to us up until now as I write this all down. Its funny because, despite all that clarity, it took almost two years from that first day with Marisol for me to realize that after that day, wed never left the house again. I never went to school, my father never left to go to work. No one ever visited or came to check on us. We had food and water and lights. We even had the same handful of channels on t. v. But we never, ever actually left. That thought, that terrible and strange epiphany, was hard for me to understand and even harder to hold on to. It was like a slippery fish or bar of soap—the harder I tried to grasp the idea and keep it, the more it would squirt through my fingers, sometimes not returning for days or even weeks. I finally figured out that so long as I didnt look at it directly, it would stay around a bit longer. With practice, I managed to keep it in the corner of my minds eye longer and longer, and after a few months I was able to remember our imprisonment long enough to ask my father about it. He was sitting by himself in my mothers old sewing room, though I supposed its last job had been as Marisols room for a short time. Standing at the door to the room, I was struck by how sad and lost he looked. It reminded me of all the recent times Id seen glimpses of that same forlorn sadness in him when he didnt think I was looking. I paused for a second and heard a sound from downstairs. Marisol was still down there watching a movie, or thats what it sounded like. My father looked up as I gently shut the door behind me. He started to put on a smile when I blurted out my question before I could lose it again. “Did you know that were always here? We never leave the house. Not ever. ” His face paled as the smile fell away. Lowering his eyes, he nodded. “I know. Some times I know. Its gotten more and more the last few months where I can remember. ” He looked up, his expression fearful. “Ive asked Marisol about it. She just laughs and ask why we would want to leave? We have everything we could want right here. ” I found myself wanting to nod, to agree with her, but I forced myself to stop. I didnt know where I ended and she began any more, and it frightened me. “We have a good life, Dad. But thats not right is it? We should be able to go out, right? See people and be part of the world like normal? Isnt that the way it was before? ” I left off “ Marisol came to live with us ”, but it still hung in the air between us like a poison cloud. He nodded, his eyes glimmering. “I think so, sweetie. I have trouble thinking about it a lot of the time, but Im pretty sure this isnt right. I…I think I trapped us here, and I dont know how to get us out. ” He started crying openly then, and I went over to give him a hug. “Its not your fault, Daddy. Its Marisol. She needs to let us go if we want. At least some times. ” He shook his head against my shoulder. “You dont understand. I knew what she was when this started. Or…well, I didnt know exactly, but I had some idea. Its my fault she came to life. ” I never knew your grandfather…not really. His name was Richard Murphy, and I only met him once right after me and your mom got married. He was a very intense and intimidating man, though perfectly friendly and polite that one evening. While most of your mothers family lives a couple of hundred miles north of here in a town called Empire—they practically own the place—your grandfather…he was always off somewhere either teaching or traveling. Your mother never talked bad about him, but I could tell she was afraid of him. Afraid of something he was a part of. It wasnt until he was declared dead that I found out what that was. Your mother didnt just inherit the manikin from him. She got money, some property, and his private collection of…well, I know it sounds weird, but he had a lot of magical-type stuff. Not like a magician that pulls a rabbit out of a hat. I mean old books, strange artifacts, bad and creepy stuff. I didnt see all of it at the time, but I saw enough to agree with your mother that it had no place in our house. She rented a storage unit in town and kept it there until she was gone. Everything except the doll. At the time, I thought it was just her being sentimental. Now, I feel sure it was part of some manipulation either by that thing or your grandfather. She grew strange after the manikin came to live with us. Shed have terrible dreams, and there were times where shed disappear for hours or even days at a time. The last time she left, she never came back at all, and it wasnt until a week later that I got the call that shed been found dead outside a bus station in Kansas. Im sorry to talk to you about all this so bluntly, honey. I know youre still young. But Ive lied and hidden things for too long, and I need to be honest if were going to have any chance of beating…whatever all this is. When I got the call about your mother, I went a little crazy. I started having strange dreams myself, and I became obsessed with the idea that maybe she wasnt really dead. That she was mixed up in some strangeness with her father, and that my best chance of figuring out what was going on was in that storage unit. You may not remember it now, but I didnt actually tell you that she had died or start preparing for the funeral until she had already been gone for nearly three weeks. The last two weeks of that time I spent poring through the sick filth I found in that storage unit. There were many times that I wanted to just say it was all made-up silliness—the fantasies of one or more diseased minds. But something kept driving me, some understanding that it was real. There was real magic in those books and drawings, real power in the rituals they described. And the storage unit, if the writings were to be believed, was full of tools that could do many wonderful and terrible things. And one of the greatest of those tools was already sitting in our house. Looking back now…I dont remember half of what I did. Id like to say I was just under somethings control, and maybe that was some of it, but I do know I wanted to do it. The rituals to prepare the manikin. Putting it in your room and encouraging you to talk to it. That was the final ingredient you see—for it to work, it needed to be believed in and loved by another. Loved as though it was the dead person you were trying to bring back. But it wouldnt work for me to be the one. I couldnt do the rituals and be the catalyst for the spell. That left you. The way it was supposed to work, the way it was described in the books, is that if you grew to believe in it and love it, the manikin could develop a connection to a spirit—in this case, Id done rituals to make sure the connection would be with your mother if she was really dead and nothing else if she wasnt. But if everything worked out, she could use the doll to talk and move for brief periods of time. I know how crazy that sounds, but I believed it at the time. Id had dreams that told me things I couldnt learn from the books, and between that and the rituals, with every day I moved more from mourning her loss to anticipating her return. Still, even though I was half-crazy with grief and so very short-sighted and selfish, I…I couldnt make myself push you. I put the manikin in your room, yes. I told you to talk to it if you wanted, and initially I intended to remind you about it, encourage it, even force you if I needed to…justifying all of it with the idea that if it worked, we could get your mother back, at least after a fashion. But I couldnt do it. Every time I went to push you, I felt such shame and guilt. It felt like I was tricking you. Pulling you into something…well, something evil or unnatural. I felt dirty from ever starting down the path, and I certainly didnt want you following me. There were a dozen times I almost took the doll out of your room, but something always held me back. Maybe it was the same thing sending me those dreams, or maybe it was just me being a selfish coward. I dont know. Either way, as time went on, I gave up on it working. Even when I noticed that you were starting to talk to it some, I didnt really expect anything to come from it. Id accepted that magic wasnt real, and my attempts at it had just been my really bad way of dealing with how much I missed your Mom. Then that morning you came down screaming about bugs…I tried to hide it, but I was really scared when I first went upstairs and wasnt sure what Id find. But nothing seemed out of place. I really did think youd just seen a roach or something, and I was relieved. And when I came home and she was here…well, you know how that turned out. Now we just have to try to find a way to get free. I wont have my little girl trapped here for the rest of her life. I swear to you, Ill find a way to get you out of here. Id listened quietly as my father poured out his heart in front of me. I knew he was sorry, and I didnt doubt what he was saying. Id seen enough and knew enough to believe in magic without any convincing. And a part of me did want to be free. To not have my life controlled and confined by whatever Marisol actually was, to not have my father tormented by remembering more and more that our corner of heaven was actually a prison cell. But then that was the problem, wasnt it? It really was heaven in a lot of ways. I was really happy most of the time. Why did I want to escape that? So I could have a life where people are mean and die and are scared all the time? And I knew it was harder on him—maybe because he was older, or maybe because Marisol liked me better and kept me from remembering the bad parts most of the time. But this is what he wanted, wasnt it? To be a happy family and stay together forever. Why should he take it away from us now? So I went downstairs and found Marisol. And I told her Daddy was trying to get away. He comes to my door every night now. Its funny, because for the last few years I hardly see him at all. He stays away from us. Marisol moved back out of his room when I was a teenager, and now most of the time she just stands in her old corner at night watching over me while I sleep. Thats what I dont get. He knows shes in here. He has to. But he still waits until the middle of the night and tries to get in, or cries outside the door, begging for me to make it stop. Every couple of weeks, Marisol makes me remember everything again for a little while. Its always hard, but Ive gotten used to it. Its always the same thing—the initial shock and fear, worrying about what to do, and then realizing that, truth be told, I wouldnt have it any other way. Each period of remembering ends the same way too. With her asking me if I want her to end my fathers time in the house. To finally answer his pleas and end his suffering, with the understanding that if I do that, my own memories and suffering will grow worse to make up for his absence. She strokes my hair and tells me that the offerings must continue, and if I dont fully understand what she means, I still get the general idea. And when she asks the question, I no longer give an answer. I just get up and lock my bedroom door. Aside from television, the only other portal we have to the outside world are our windows. Marisol says the truth of our homes interior cannot be seen by the outside world—that in most ways, the world has forgotten the house exists at all. But we can still see out. I can look at the farmland trailing off into the distance or the occasional car passing on the road. I can wake up early and watch the sunrise or fall asleep to the sound of owls hooting out in the nighttime field of stars. Our nearest neighbor is too far to even see and the road is quiet, so most of the time its like the entire world, inside and out, is just for us. But then, just a few weeks ago, a man appeared in the yard. He looked a little younger than me, and he was dressed in a brown suit with a wide-brimmed brown hat to match. He reminded me a little of a gangster from one of those old movies Dad used to like. I watched him for a moment, wondering how he had found the house and what he was doing there. Was he a salesman or something? I knew Marisol would keep him out, but I still didnt like him wandering our property. Then he looked up at me and waved. Letting out a gasp, I stepped back, right into Marisol. I turned and looked up at her. “He saw me. He saw me and waved. ” I could hear the raw panic in my voice, but Marisol just gave a soft laugh and rubbed my back. “Its all right, honey. Thats only right. Thats your grandfather, you see. I know he looks younger and different, but thats him all right. Hes come back around, as I knew he would. ” I felt a stir of excitement, but it was still tinged with fear. “Why is he here? Is he going to change things? Is he going to take you away? ” Marisols skin shifted slightly as something moved underneath her normally taut cheek. Meeting my eyes, she shook her head slightly. “I dont think so, no. I think well stay right here. In fact, I expect the work your grandfather has wont involve us directly at all. ” She pointed as he ducked down and opened an access panel that led underneath the house. “See? Hes got important work down there. Well stay up here where its comfortable. ” The man she said was my grandfather came and went several times over the next few weeks. Always giving a wave and nothing more. I was starting to grow used to it, to even enjoy the visits slightly, when they stopped as quickly as theyd began. Things went back to normal until one day I heard Marisol talking to someone in the kitchen. I went in, wondering if my father had finally decided to be sociable again. Instead, she was holding something and talking into it. It took me a moment to remember what it was, because aside from on the t. v., I hadnt seen someone use a telephone in thirty years. “No, dear, I understand the distinction. I know what I want. The crawlspace needs to be completely sealed and climate-controlled. I was given your number as the one for the job. When can you send someone out? ” The young man they sent from the air conditioner company couldnt see us the way the other man could. He came out the first time, and then he came back today. This time he even made a point of staring in the windows. Dad did come down for that, pounding on the glass and screaming half an inch from the boys face, but he never saw or heard anything. Then he went back underneath the house to begin the work Marisol had asked for. Ive written this account over the course of several days, and now that I think about it, I started it the first time that boy came out. Hes handsome, and more importantly, he has a kind face. The kind of face that makes me feel lonely in a way Im not used to and that I dont like at all. I dont know how many times hes got to come out here, and I wonder if I could convince Marisol that we should let him in to stay. I hear the crawlspace door opening again. Ill write more after I get another look at him. Talk to you soon. THE PROCEEDING HAS BEEN REPRODUCED HERE FROM HANDWRITTEN PAGES FOUND REMARKABLY UNBURNED IN THE RUINS OF A HOUSE FIRE THAT OCCURRED ON APRIL 19, 2005. THE AUTHOR OF THE PAGES IS UNKNOWN. THANKFULLY, AT THE TIME OF THE FIRE, THE HOUSE HAD BEEN UNOCCUPIED FOR YEARS.

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Blind eyes opened documentary. Who came after the Wuhan coronavirus (Chinese Coronavirus) cases. Source on the international nominations claim. Blind eyes opened film imdb. Blind eyes opened (2020. Blind eyes opened imdb. Blind eyes opened contact. "Her legs are weird. my 4 year old daughter, Mia, whimpered to me as I tucked her in for the third time that night. I picked her teddy off the floor and put him under the covers next to her. After she was tucked in comfortably, I switched on her closet light and opened the door. "Now you have your nightlight and the closet light. I told her gently, bending over to kiss her damp brown curls. Mia could never sleep without her nightlight. She was terrified of the dark. The closet light would be a backup light, if her nightlight goes off again. I crossed the room to give my 3 year old daughter, Lula, a quick check over. She was sound asleep. I pulled her blanket up over her shoulders, and touched her back softly. "Mommy. I heard Mia whisper. I turned to face her, and to my dismay, her nightlight was off again. Sighing with frustration, I pulled the nightlight out thr socket and plugged it back in. The merry go round of pony's and unicorns lit up a pale pink light. "Its broke, Mia. Either the nightlight or the socket. I'll have daddy fix it in the morning. For now, you have the closet light. I told her firmly. Mia glanced wearily at the closet, then back up to me. "But what if she comes in again. she asked, in a tiny voice. I gave my little girl a big smile, then held my fist up and shook it. "Then I'll come back in her and whoop her butt. Mia giggled. I swooped down to give her another kiss goodnight and left the room. My husband, Troy, was in our bed, sports center blaring from our tv, while flicking through his phone. "She ok. he asked, without glancing up. I quickly change into my pajamas and went to the bathroom in our room to brush my teeth. "Shes fine" I answered, my mouth full of toothpaste froth. I heard troy say something, but it wasnt clear over the tv and running water. "What was that. I asked him when I was done, climbing into bed with him. "I said that ever since we moved here, Mia has had the same nightmare. I clicked off the lamp close to me and laid back on my pillow. Troy already had his bed side light off. He kept the tv on, but turned the volume down low. I watched the shadows from the tv dance around our bedroom wall, and thought about what Troy had said. We have lived in this house for almost 3 weeks now. We had moved from a small 2 bedroom apartment, to this beautiful 3 bedroom ranch house. The house was only 5 months old, we got to move in only a couple months after they were finished building it. It was the first neighborhood of many to come. Right in our backyard, there were miles of a dense, deep, forest. The whole neighborhood was pretty much surrounded by them. There were future plans to build more neighborhoods into the forest, cutting down a good portion of it. I wasnt too thrilled to live so close to the woods. All I could think about were horror stories involving woods and people going missing. Not to mention all of the animals it held. But Troy insisted everything would be fine and after I saw the house, I fell in love. There was a high, wooden fence surrounding the backyard, so that made me feel better. Troy was right, Mia has had nightmares since moving into the house. But she was a very creative 4 year old, with a imagination that often ran wild. Still, a small part of me felt a twinge of uneasiness. I laid there, thinking of the house, and Mia until I finally drifted off to sleep. My eyes shot open. I could have worn I just fell asleep, but glancing at the bedside alarm clock, it showed that it was almost 4am. What woke me up? I didn't have to pee, and everything was calm and quiet. I closed my eyes and again so I could fall back to sleep. But something made me sit up straight. A noise. I leaned forward, straining my ears to listen to whatever it was that I just heard. Nothing. Nothing but sportscasters on ESPN going on about fantasy players. I grabbed the remote that was next to Troy in the bed, and hit mute. Then I listened. But just as I was convinced it was nothing, I noticed 2 things. One, our bedroom window was open. Not wide open, but halfway open. It was a warm September night, and I know I left the window open a crack to get some fresh air, but no way did I leave it half way open. And I absolutely did NOT lift the screen window up. The second thing was our bedroom door. It was shut. I always keep the bedroom door open, so I can hear the girls down the hall if they need me. Troy and I have had open bedroom doors since we had Mia. No way would I have closed it. Neither would Troy. Unless. I sat up in bed, thinking. Maybe I did have the window open wider than just a crack. And maybe Troy did open the screen, to get more air in the room. And maybe the air accidentally blew the door shut. Made sense. I'm normally not so forgetful. But it's as good as explanation as any, even though that feeling of uneasiness started gnawing in the back of my mind. Her legs are weird What did Mia mean by that, I thought. I shook my head, determined not to let my daughters imagination get the better of me. I threw the comforter off and got up to open the door. I was just about to turn the knob and pull it open, when a noise from beyond the door stopped me dead in my tracks. i stood absolutely still. I slowly put my ear to the door crack and listened. I stood there for maybe a minute and hear d nothing. Feeling silly, I went to turn the knob and pull the door open again, when I heard it. A snicker. No, that's the wrong word to describe it. It was more like a Not a giggle. I listened again, this time trying to hear over the pounding of my heart in my ears. When I first heard it, it sounded like it was coming from down the hall, like maybe one of the girls got up and started playing with their toys. Maybe one of those toys made that noise when pushed on the belly or the hand. But, no. It definitely wasnt a silly or happy laugh. No, this sounded scary. Sinister. Evil. And just when I had enough of pressing my ear at the door to listen, I heard it again. A evil cackle. A sinister hiss. But this time, it was right outside my bedroom door. Have you ever heard the expression frozen in fear? I know you have. You hear it in books, and movies, and even on Nosleep. I never gave the expression any thought. It just sounded good. Frozen in fear, kind of like on cloud nine, when you're happy or blow a fuse when you're angry. You can relate to it when you hear it. Except I've never been frozen in fear. Not until that very moment. It felt like a slurpee was running through my veins. Like I was trapped inside a tightly built snowman. I couldnt move. I couldnt swallow. I stood there, up against the door, frozen in fear. My heart was pounding so hard that I struggled to make out what the sportscasters were arguing about on tv. To listen to Troy snore. To hear the water slowly dripping from the sink. But all I could hear was the thudding of my heart. Until another sound assaulted my ears. It wasnt the evil cackle this time, or the snakelike hiss. This time I knew exactly what it was and where it was. I head the sounds of thing sniffing. And it was coming from the bottom crack in the door. Hearing that was like a fire was lit under me. I stumbled backwards, breaking my metaphoric ice statue. Not only did I stumble backwards, I tumbled down on my rear. I used my legs to scoot my butt backwards until I hit my side table. I sat on my butt, knees bent, back leaning against the bedside table. I wanted to yell for Troy but I was so terrified. All I could do was stare at the door. It wasnt long until my eyes wandered to the bottom of the door. When I saw it, I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and prayed. Because Mia cant sleep with out a light, her carousel nightlight did the job for her and us. Since it was plugged in by her door, the bright pale pink light floated down the hall, giving us just enough light to see our way to the bathroom. I loved that nightlight. But right now, I hated it. I wanted nothing more than to it to go off right now, just as it did earlier when I had to put Mia back to bed. When I looked down the bottom of the door, Mias pale pink nightlight shone very softly. Although not bright, it could still make light. So when I looked down at that crack, which was maybe a inch in height, I could see the pale pink I also saw a dark shadow, almost completely blocking all the light out. I couldnt see what I was looking at, just a dark shadow, with pale pink light surrounding it. I didnt need to see it, though. i heard it. Whatever was on the other side of the door, was sniffing. It sounded like they stuck their nose right on the crack, right on the floor, and started sniffing. The sniff would be interrupted by raspy, asthmatic breathing, like sniffing was over exerting the thing out there. I sat on the floor, eyes still squeezed shut, just begging and praying in my head for it to stop. I just wanted it to stop and go away. I really thought my heart was going to stop bc of the fear, the dread, the speed it was going. After maybe a minute (which felt like 20) the sniffing stopped. Silence. Breathing hard, i squeezed my eyes tighter together, a lone tear dripping down my hot cheek. I silently counted to 60. Still quiet, except for Troy's snores and the tv. I counted to 40. Said a quick prayer, than slowly opened my eyes. The bedroom door was wide open. A small, choked moan escaped my lips. From where I was sitting, I could see down the hallway, and into my daughters room. The pale pink light from the carousel was gone. So was the light in their closet. It was pitch black. The only light was the tv in my room, and moonlight that glowed behind the blinds in the girls room. The hallway was dark, as was the girls room. I strained to see down the hall. I stared for so long, that I started to think my mind was playing tricks on me. I slowly stood up, and edged my way to my open door, never taking my eye off the hallway. I noticed a dark shape in the hallway, much darker than the surrounding darkness. It looked like a black shapeless figure was pressed up against the wall in the hallway. The more I looked at it, the darker it became, and the lighter its surroundings became. Whatever it was stood against the wall still and silent. Yet I could feel it looking at me. Have you ever been alone and felt like someone was watching you? That sudden, intense feeling that something isnt right? That's how I felt. The figure stayed still, yet I could see movement from it. It stayed in place, but I could tell something had changed. Staring harder at it, I couldnt tell what it was doing, until that familiar raspy, heavy, breathing sound assaulted my ears. The movement it was making looked to be the rising and falling of a chest, when someone is breathing hard. I wanted to run back to my bed, wake troy up, have him deal with this, while I hid under the blankets. But I couldnt. I mean, I wanted to, but I couldnt. I had to get to my girls room, I had to make sure they were ok. I thought about waking troy up, but was scared to make any sudden movements that would alarm the thing in my hallway. For what seemed to be a eternity, I stared at the dark shape, watching it struggle to take deep breaths, listening to the raspy intake, all while I felt its eyes never leaving me. My eyes began to water, I was concentrating so hard on looking at the dark. I had to blink a few times, to set my vision straight. Only then when I looked down at the hall, the figure was gone. Or so I thought. It apparently slid down the wall, its body laying flat on the floor. I couldnt tell what the hell it was doing. I didn't know if it was facing me now or the girls room. Just as I started to attempt to make out what it was doing, I noticed a pale light starting to stream into my room, and the window in the hallway bathroom. The sun was starting to rise. Because the bathroom door was open, the early morning sunlight hit right into the hallway, giving me a better view. The thing was still laying flat on the floor when all of a sudden... It started to move. And when I mean move, I mean it started dragging it's back legs and body, while using its arms to pull its weight. The raspy breathing became louder, as the thing struggled it's way down the hallway. Between the heavy, wet breathing, it would make that cackle again, that sinister, evil, cackle that made the hair on my neck stand up. I could finally see where it was faced. It was headed toward me. Now, you're probably thinking, why arent you screaming for your husband to wake up. Well, I finally did. I screamed Troy's name loud, so loud I wouldnt have been surprised if the neighbors heard me. As soon as Troy's name left my lips, the thing vanished. The girls carasoul night light and closet light flicked back on. The hallway was pretty much lit up at this point from the sunlight, and the girls lights from their room. But it was empty. Not a trace of that creature, that thing anywhere. I burst into tears and ran to the girls room. "Ami. I heard Troy yell from our room, his voice thick with sleep and surprise. Both girls were sound asleep. I ran to each one, Mia in her bed, Lula in her crib. They both were fine. What the hell is going on. I heard a bewildered Troy at the girls bedroom door. Wiping my eyes, I ignored him and bent down to give Lula a kiss. I made my way over to Mias bed, avoiding Troy's questions, and went to give her a kiss. But before I could plant one on her curly head, something caught my eye. And it made me want to vomit. On Mias cheek, I could see a glistening wet streak, that went from her little chin, up her chubby cheeks, and into her hair. Her beautiful curls were damp with what appeared to be saliva. That thing licked my daughter while she slept. A small moan escaped my lips, and the next thing i knew, i fainted to the floor. A week has passed, the worst week of my life. I haven't gotten any sleep since before that night. I've camped out in the girls bedroom every night, forcing myself to stay awake. During the day, when Troy was at work, and Mia was at school, I'd catch a couple hours of sleep on the couch while Lula took her nap in the playpen right next to me, or I'd doze off while Lula was playing or watching her shows. I'm constantly on alert. Troy thinks I lost my mind. He insists i had a very life like nightmare, even printing out papers on sleep paralysis for me to read. But I refused to listen. I know what I saw was real. I know my daughters face and hair was drenched with that things saliva. He asks me everynight if I'd come into bed with him, but I would refuse, making up a bed of blankets and pillows on the girls floor, between both of their beds. I'd stay up reading all night, but my mind was never focused on the story. I was always looking around, shining my phones flashlight around the room, trying to listen to every and anything. But nothing happened. Well, nothing big. Sometimes during the day, i would be in the living room with Lula. and swear I could hear something upstairs, dragging its mangled body up and down the hallway. Sometimes in the shower, right after turning the water off, I could hear low murmuring, like as if someone was repeating the same sentence over and over, and getting faster and faster, right next to me, behind the shower curtain. When I would throw the curtain open, nothing was there. Another time I was cooking dinner, Troy and the girls were outback playing on the swing set. As I'd stir the spaghetti sauce, I'd see a head peeking around the kitchen doorway. No body, just a head, as if it was hiding its body behind the wall, and looking in the kitchen with its head. When I'd turn around to the doorway, nothing was there. So while nothing has happened, I definitely know whatever it is hasnt left. It was a Thursday afternoon. Troy was coming home early today, and would be picking Mia up on his way home. Lula was playing with her tea set and dolls while I read a book on the couch. I glanced at the clock and saw Troy and Mia would be home on a hour. I settled back into the couch, and continued my book. I guess I had gotten to comfortable, and I've been so exhausted from standing watch all week, I ended up drifting off to sleep. When I woke up, it was dark. I sat up to get my bearings together when I immediately noticed I was in my bed. I looked over and saw Troy asleep next to me. I then glanced at the alarm clock, and the bright red numbers said it was 3:16am. "sh*t. I cried out, throwing the comforter off of me. I was angry. And upset. And I felt guilty. What if something happened to my girls and I wasnt there to help? How could Troy do this? He must have carried me up to bed. Since I haven't gotten any sleep, I was completely knocked out. But he knew that I didnt want the girls alone. I made my way out my room, and headed down the hall to the girls room. My eyes were adjusting to the dark, and there must have been a full moon, because the moonlight from the hallway bathroom window streamed a light blue into the hallway. Just as I got to the bathroom, I quickly noticed the girls bedroom door was shut. A small moan escaped my lips. We didnt shut the girls bedroom door, especially at bedtime. Troy knows this. The girls liked the door open so they felt like we were right there with them. They wouldnt have shut it. I crept up to the door, my heart threatening to pound out my chest. Quietly, I put my ear to the door. And I listened. At first, I couldnt hear anything, but a quiet and steady low buzzing noise. I thought maybe their fan was on. But the more I listened, the clearer it became. It wasnt the fan. No, this droning sound had words to it. I couldnt make out what was being said, but it started getting clearer and a little bit louder. I could feel the door vibrating against my ear. Then I heard that wet, raspy breathing, almost as if the thing was speaking in tounges, yet breathing heavily at the same time. I thought I was going to get sick. I continued to listen, once again frozen in place. I wanted to bust through the door and attack whatever was in there. I wanted to call for Troy, and have us both confront it. Tears started streaming down my face as I kept on listening. Then a new noise greeted my ears. The sound of Mia crying softly. That was all I needed to hear. I turned the knob and pushed the door open. "Mommy. Mia cried. I looked around the room wildly. I didnt see anything. "Where. I asked her hoarsely. Mia was cowering under her blankets, tears on her rosy cheeks. She pointed to the window. I ran to the window and threw open the curtains. The glass and screen window were wide open. I looked all around my backyard, looking for something, anything. It was the figure underneath the second floor porch that caught my eye. What I saw that night will never leave me. It's something that stick to my mind for as long as I lived, no matter how much time has passed, no matter how much I try to forget. Since we had motion lights on our house and porch, I could see it perfectly. I swear it chose that spot underneath the lights so I COULD see it. That's what scares me the most. That this thing, this monster, had some type of intelligence. It schemed and plotted, and wanted me to know it was there. It could have easily taken my girls, and I would have never been the wiser. It wanted to torture me. It wanted to play mind games with me. It wanted to terrify me. I looked down at a face that was three times longer than any normal humans face. It had scraggly, sparse hair over its scalp. No nose, but 2 holes high on its face, almost between it's dead white milky eyes, eyes that gazed up at me. A Cheshire cat grin with rows of razor sharp black teeth. Grayish white skin stretched over the bones, letting his ribs, spine, shoulder bones stick head almost came up to the porch, so it was at least 10ft arms, with long hands and even longer fingers. And its legs. Its legs were weird. The knees were bent backwards, even though the thing stood up straight. At the end of each mangled leg, was a hoof. The thing and I stared at each other for what seemed to be a eternity. I wanted to look away. but I couldnt break away from its milky stare. I then heard that low murmuring again, that steady and fast chanting. The wide, toothy grin never left its face, but I could hear the chanting, as if it was right next to me, speaking in my ear. I shuddered. The thing then looked toward the dense woods that surrounded our backyard. It then made its way into the woods. It hobbled and lurched it's way through our backyard. Just as it was almost at the treeline, it turned back to look up at me. It put its long, bony pointy finger to its gray, ragged lips. Sshhhhh...

I never saw any kid work in factory, professor. i m chinese. Nine years later: Welcome to the first month of 2020. I think its a brilliant movie and reminded me of Dunkirk movie and Battlefield 1 game. This year I went to see 192 different movies in theaters, plus one rewatch. That's up from 162 in 2018, 140 in 2017, 9 in 2016, and 5 in 2015. I usually go 3 or 4 times per week, mostly on weekends. I keep track of dates/theaters/movies/ratings for fun and save all of the stubs. My ratings are what I give the movie right after seeing it, with no real 'checklist' or anything, mostly just initial thought/enjoyment/opinion. It's not meant to be taken super seriously, I'm not a professional reviewer. This is my full ranking for the year, from favorite to least-favorite, with a few small reviews/thoughts thrown in: Monos - 10/10 - Hands-down my favorite movie of the year and honestly high on my all-time list. It's Apocalypse Now meets Lord of the Flies, with some Beasts of No Nation thrown in. It builds a unique, lived-in world that's believable and brutal. Beautifully-filmed, some of the best shots of the year (the ending shot gets seared in your mind. Modern and grounded look at a militia/cartel fighting against an unnamed enemy in a Colombian jungle. It almost feels post-apocalyptic instead of 'cartel vs government' which I really loved. You get to imagine your own backstory as the story unfolds. Unforgiving and gut-wrenching, but hopeful too. Got a lot out of its cast. Can't recommend this movie enough. Really disappointed this didn't make the Best Foreign Language Film shortlist. "Masterpiece" gets thrown around a lot, but in my mind this is the only one this year. Marriage Story - 10/10 The Farewell - 10/10 Journey to a Mother's Room - 9/10 - Biggest surprise of the year, came out of nowhere. Deeply-personal story between a mother & daughter. It's very basic on the surface, and there's not much story (you start at Point A, and end at Point A) but it's the most emotional movie of the year. If you don't cry at least 3 times during this, you're probably not human. It's all about the unbreakable connection you have to your parent(s) from the day you're born until the day you die. It only takes place over the course of a few months, but feels like lifetimes. Beautiful little movie about separation, loss, and human connection. Waves - 9/10 - I could write 20 pages on how much I loved this movie. To keep it short, it's got a perfect soundtrack, perfect setting, awards-worthy performances (from Kelvin Harrison Jr., Sterling K. Brown, and Taylor Russell. Visceral story that grips you from the first minute and doesn't let go until the closing shot. Unique use of colors and aspect-ratio. It takes a huge risk structurally that pays off. It's also the only movie I went to see twice this year. Really worth it too, picked up on a lot of stuff on the second viewing. Would've went a third time if theaters kept it playing longer. Every tiny decision/action has a huge impact. Just watch this. Last Black Man In San Francisco - 9/10 Birds of Passage - 9/10 Apollo 11 - 9/10 - The best documentary of the year. Probably the best editing (and use of sound) I've ever seen/heard in a documentary. It's unique because they don't use interviews like most documentaries do, it's real sound the whole through. Impressive use of archival footage/audio. Uncut Gems - 9/10 - This movie wasn't on the Best Original Score shortlist for the 2020 Oscars. This aggression will not stand. The Mustang - 9/10 Wild Rose - 9/10 - If this doesn't win the Oscar for Best Original Song ( Glasgow. I've lost all faith in the Academy. The ending concert scene had me crying like a baby. Jessie Buckley is gonna be big. Best music-drama since A Star Is Born. Transit - 9/10 Ad Astra - 9/10 - Top-notch acting, great atmosphere, world-building, existentialism, beautiful VFX, engaging score. Best opening scene of the year. Thoughtful commentary on modern society all wrapped in a Heart of Darkness blanket. If you're into space/exploration movies, then I recommend this. Surprised at the backlash this movie has gotten on r/movies. The Report - 9/10 - This was a really good year for legal-thrillers and The Report was the cream of the crop. Tight, Sorkin-like script with top performances from Adam Driver & Annette Bening. Could change a lot of minds about the war on terror and use of torture. Parasite - 9/10 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 9/10 Midnight Traveler - 9/10 - If you feel like life is unfair and the odds are stacked against you, watch this movie. It puts everything in a different perspective. Every problem you have is going to seem minuscule compared to what this family went through. It's eye-opening and should fill you with anger. Luce - 9/10 - It's Kelvin Harrison Jr's world and we're just living in it. The Irishman - 8/10 Mickey and the Bear - 8/10 - Camila Morrone puts in the best breakout performance of the year. PTSD, drug-addiction, alcoholism, rural Montana, toxic relationships, James Badge Dale, following your dreams. What's not to love? The Art of Self Defense - 8/10 - The best dark-comedy of the year. So many great one liners. It's like Yorgos Lanthimos directing Death of Stalin, set in a karate studio. Surprisingly violent and depressing, but in all the right ways. Jesse Eisenberg's best movie Social Network? Peanut Butter Falcon - 8/10. Am I going to die. We all do, it's only a matter of time, now stop being a little bitch. Favorite line of the year, really stuck with me. Everybody Knows - 8/10 Mary Magdalene - 8/10 Knives Out - 8/10 - Well-crafted whoddunit with an ensemble cast. Just a genuinely fun time at the movies. Ana de Armas with well-deserved leading role for once. A few of the characters are a tad bit unrealistic (and basically caricatures) but the movie doesn't take itself seriously enough for that to be a problem. Daniel Craig hamming it up with a Southern accent was fun. Old school film with a modern twist. The Lighthouse - 8/10 The Dead Don't Die - 8/10 - This movie really isn't for everyone, but I loved the dry humor and purposefully-bad chemistry/dialogue. The line delivery was off-putting but hilarious. Everything is extremely on-the-nose and it works. I could watch 10 hours of Tom Waits talking to himself. Us - 8/10 Villains - 8/10 Ford v Ferrari - 8/10 Midsommar - 8/10 Jojo Rabbit - 8/10 Official Secrets - 8/10 - Keira Knightley with one of the most underrated performances of the year. Another really good legal/political-thriller that exposes the dark side of government bureaucracy. Pain & Glory - 8/10 John Wick 3: Parabellum - 8/10 Queen & Slim - 8/10 Amazing Grace - 8/10 - Great concert-documentary. Some of Aretha Franklin's performances in this should give you insane chills. I actually had this one rated higher right after watching it, but then looked up some of the people shown on screen and it turns out some were real pieces of sh*t, while preaching to people like hypocrits. Felt gross and took a lot of the magic out. One of my few revised scores this year. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood - 8/10 Joker - 8/10 Non-Fiction - 8/10 - It's very French (talky and sexual) and the writing seems impressed with itself, but it's a good adult-drama that surprised me. I'm a big fan of Olivier Assayas and this is some of his best work. Rocketman - 8/10 Stan & Ollie - 8/10 Hustlers - 8/10 Avengers Endgame - 8/10 Doctor Sleep - 8/10 - It gets bloated and probably needed to be 20-30 minutes shorter (there's a sh*t ton of side-characters) but it was a worthwhile sequel to The Shining. Didn't feel like a cash grab and carries its own weight. Booksmart - 8/10 Little Monsters - 8/10 - I'd recommend watching this based just on Josh Gad's character. So over-the-top and hilarious. When he starts chugging hand sanitizer might be the most I laughed in a theater this year. Also Lupita Nyong'o playing & singing on the ukulele to a bunch of kids is exactly what I needed in my life. Cute zombie-comedy with a ton of heart. Spider-Man: Far From Home - 8/10 A Hidden Life - 8/10 - If there's a song from this year (or this decade even) that I'd want played at my funeral, it's James Newton Howard's theme from this movie. It's so beautiful and perfectly captures the feel of the movie. That song broke me down every time it played. I can't imagine this movie without it, it's that good. It's a shame this movie is getting ignored this awards season. Never Look Away - 8/10 Toy Story 4 - 8/10 Pavarotti - 8/10 The Biggest Little Farm - 8/10 - If you're really into the inner-workings of a Californian farm, then this is the documentary for you. Abominable - 8/10 The Current War - 7/10 Artic - 7/10 - Well made, solidly-acted. I loved the small details about survival that this movie brings up, makes it very grounded and realistic. I'm kinda bored of survival movies in general so this didn't blow my mind or anything. Bombshell - 7/10 Honey Boy - 7/10 - Pretty big letdown because I had really high expectations for this one. Lacked the emotional punch I hoped for. Didn't land for me at all, kind of like Boy Erased last year. I appreciate how honest and revealing it was, took a lot of guts for Shia LaBeouf to put this out there but it's forgettable. Lucas Hedges' Shia impression was reallllly on point though, that was worth the price of admission right there. Mid90s last year was a 10/10 for me and I expected the same for this. It was good, not great. American Woman - 7/10 - Sienna Miller's performance in this is awards-worthy. The accent she does is perfect and it might be the most underrated role of the year. The movie gets way too tearjerky at the end though. It's basically 2 hours of bad sh*t happening to a good person, which gets a bit overwhelming. The Beach Bum - 7/10 Captain Marvel - 7/10 Spies In Disguise - 7/10 - Looked pretty generic based on the trailer, but was actually pretty funny. Cold Pursuit - 7/10 Tolkien - 7/10 - Not much happens but it felt really comfortable. Solid performances all around and they handled the WW1 scenes better than I thought they would. Expected to be bored out of my mind based on the reviews and trailer but it flowed well. As far as "Nicholas Hoult Biopics of Famous Writers" go, it's miles ahead of Rebel in the Rye 2 years ago. Jumanji: The Next Level - 7/10 Sauvage/Wild - 7/10 Detective Pikachu - 7/10 Maiden - 7/10 Dark Waters - 7/10. Good performances and an okay script, even though it beats you over the head sometimes. Total waste of Anne Hathaway. She's way too good of an actress for a boring, generic, supporting wife' role with just a few lines. Not even sure why she was in this. Overall, a solid legal-thriller, which is a genre I really enjoy and I've been missing since its late-90s heyday. Pretty crazy story too, scummy and evil corporate greed is always interesting to explore on film (like The Insider. Should've been 20 minutes shorter and less on-the-nose Adopt A Highway - 7/10 The Wedding Guest - 7/10 The Hummingbird Project - 7/10 Motherless Brooklyn - 7/10 The Lion King - 7/10 Last Christmas - 7/10 - It's really easy to bash this movie, a lot of the humor falls flat and the twist is ridiculous, but I couldn't help walking out with a smile. I love how committed Emilia Clarke was to the character, and her interactions with her boss and family were legitimately heart-warming at times. Also did I mention how ridiculous that twist is? Richard Jewell - 7/10 - This was decent. Even though it's clearly Clint Eastwood's personal crusade (and thinly-veiled propaganda piece in some regards) against the FBI & the Spooky Media, it still told the story effectively/semi-believably. Some of the characters (Hamm/Wilde obviously) were pretty ridiculous caricatures though, was hard to take anything they said seriously, I mean come on. You just roll your eyes at most of what they say. Some of the situations and encounters are too-conveniently set-up but that's easy to overlook. It had very solid performances (Hauser was great, especially when he finally let's his emotion show, in that scene where he kicks the table. Much better than The Mule, and 20x better than 15:17 To Paris. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker - 7/10 21 Bridges - 7/10 Before You Know It - 7/10 Hobbs & Shaw - 7/10 - This is peak "Stupid Summer Popcorn Movie" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's The Meg of 2019. Fighting With My Family - 7/10 Pet Sematary - 7/10 Downton Abbey - 7/10 - Never saw a single episode of the show before watching the movie, but it still felt familiar/safe to jump right in. Yesterday - 7/10 Greta - 7/10 - It's a cheesy, predictable, non-scary horror film but I liked it. Sometimes you just need Isabelle Hupert to play a psychopathic serial killer. Felt very old-school, a movie straight out of the 1980s. Judy - 7/10 - It's the definition of Oscar bait and is emotionally manipulative, especially towards the end, but it does a great job at humanizing a Hollywood legend. Frozen 2 - 7/10 Aladdin - 7/10 The Souvenir - 7/10 Zombieland 2: Double Tap - 7/10 - Nowhere near as memorable/iconic as the first one, but it still got a bunch of laughs from me (especially the Thomas Middleditch/Luke Wilson scene. Above-average for a comedy-sequel, but I could see this one not aging well. The Two Popes - 6/10 - Two solid performances but underwhelming overall, too many cheap-looking flashback scenes, not enough Pryce/Hopkins. Reminded me of Can You Ever Forgive Me? last year, depending on the 2 leads to carry a weak movie/premise on their back, to disappointing results. Highly-overrated movie. Ready Or Not - 6/10 Anna - 6/10 - It's basically Red Sparrow but slightly worse. Saint Frances - 6/10 Hotel Mumbai - 6/10 Shazam. 6/10 - Low-stakes, formulaic, superhero movie clearly made with strict budget limitations. It hits all the notes you'd expect a movie like this to hit. It was decent. Alita: Battle Angel - 6/10 Loro - 6/10 - One of the more disappointing movies of the year. On paper it sounds amazing, a sprawling biopic of an infamous/corrupt Italian politician/mogul by Paolo Sorrentino who's not that far removed from a masterpiece? Sign me the f*ck up. But nah, this was a shallow, surface-level (like my reviews) pointless dull knife of a biopic. Too much shoehorned religious imagery too. Tone is all over the place. It can't decide whether it's serious or funny and gets lost in-between. It looked nice at least. It also wins this year's "Most Nudity" award, easily beating the rest of the field. Teen Spirit - 6/10 The Upside - 6/10 Gloria Bell - 6/10 - Great performance from Julianne Moore but this just felt like "Middle-Aged Crisis: The Movie. Just couldn't connect to it. I imagine the original is a lot better. On The Basis Of Sex - 6/10 Stockholm - 6/10 Give Me Liberty - 6/10 - This is an example of a movie that has its heart in the right place but bites off a lot more than it can chew. There's a beautiful, emotional story in here somewhere, but it's too muddled with ineffective editing tricks and too many side-stories. It's sweet in some ways and the true-life characters bring a lot of charm, but it didn't do that much for me. A lot of 'year-end' lists have this as one of the most overlooked movies of the year, but I don't see it. Rough editing, bad soundtrack. Child's Play - 6/10 Good Boys - 6/10 - Just watch Booksmart instead. Styx - 6/10 Woman at War - 6/10 The Lego Movie 2 - 6/10 Missing Link - 6/10 Long Shot - 6/10 - The chemistry between Charlize Theron & Seth Rogen was great but the jokes couldn't really match it. It's a unique mix of politics & humor, but fell short of being an actual crowd-pleaser. Echo in the Canyon - 6/10 Cyrano, My Love - 6/10 Dora the Explorer - 6/10 Brittany Runs A Marathon - 6/10 IT: Chapter 2 - 6/10 - Way too long. Felt like a never-ending series of fetch-quests. Good CGI & acting though. Mister America - 6/10 Crawl - 6/10 Trial By Fire - 6/10 - Great performances by Laura Dern & Jack O'Connell get overshadowed by an overly-preacy script. It doesn't let the audience make up its own mind. The Third Wife - 6/10 Godzilla: King of Monsters - 5/10 - This needed less humans, more monsters. Glass - 5/10 Escape Room - 5/10 Terminator: Dark Fate - 5/10 Dumbo - 5/10 All Is True - 5/10 Brightburn - 5/10 The White Crow - 5/10 - One of those biopics where the movie doesn't do justice to the story. Reading the Wikipedia page on this guy's life, you'd except an Oscar contender. Instead it was just okay. Watch Cold War instead. It's basically this movie but better. High Life - 5/10 - Unpleasant. Where'd You Go Bernadette. 5/10 Scary Stories to Tell Dark - 5/10 Her Smell - 5/10 - This movie made me physically nauseous. The tight, claustrophobic, haze-filled shots in the first 2 acts really threw me off. It's temporarily redeemed by a reallllllly good third act and a solid performance from Elisabeth Moss. But then deflated by a terrible final scene. By the Grace of God - 5/10 - Based on the critical acclaim, director, and subject matter, I walked in expected to be blown away. Basically expected Spotlight, but this movie completely derails at the halfway point. Hard to sit through. Blinded by the Light - 5/10 The Best of Enemies - 5/10 The Aeronauts - 5/10 - This is mis-marketed as an intense survival story but it's really just a boring biopic with too many flashbacks. Fall of the American Empire - 5/10 Family - 5/10 The Goldfinch - 5/10 - It turns out an unfilmable novel really is unfilmbable, who would've thought? Shoutout to Jeffrey Wright & Finn Wolfhard for actually trying. Angel Has Fallen - 5/10 Gemini Man - 5/10 Late Night - 5/10 Black and Blue - 5/10 Diane - 5/10 - This was just depression-p*rn. Sometimes it works (Mungiu/Zvyagintsev) sometimes it doesn't (this movie. It's such a bummer. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone but Mary Kay Place's performance makes it watchable and engaging sometimes. Destroyer - 5/10 How To Train Your Dragon 3 - 5/10 Rafiki - 5/10 - I feel bad for this score because I get that this is a really important/significant movie for African Cinema, but I just couldn't get past the terrible acting, bad (like baaaaaad) dialogue, and lackluster story. Again, pretty big achievement that this got made and reached a global audience, but yeah, in a vacuum, it's undoubtedly a bad movie. Felt like an amateur movie on a shoestring budget. Captive State - 4/10 Wild Nights With Emily - 4/10 - This movie is what happens when someone asks the question "hey, what if we turned Emily Dickinson's life into an SNL skit. I get what they were going for, and Molly Shannon is great, but this was extremely unfunny and probably the longest 84-minute movie I've ever seen. Dark Pheonix - 4/10 The Addams Family - 4/10 Midway - 4/10 To Dust - 4/10 Rojo - 4/10 - The only memorable thing about this movie is that there was a power outage about 90 minutes in so they comped my ticket and gave me a free drink. So that was cool, I guess. The Kid Who Would Be King - 4/10 MIB: International - 4/10 The Kid - 4/10 - There's a 98% chance that this movie is some kind of tax write-off or money laundering scheme. It somehow got 2 big names (Pratt & Hawke) co-starring the son of the producer in his first movie ever. Directed by Vincent D'Onofrio for some reason. Was dumped by Lionsgate in a few hundred theaters with 0 marketing/promotion, and flopped hard. It's dated, boring, and unoriginal. Cheesy dialogue. Literally a story that's been told a million times before, usually in much better ways. No reason for this to exist. Chris Pratt has the worst fake-movie-beard of all time in this, that's kinda worth checking out. Ramen Shop - 4/10 The Good Liar - 4/10 - The most convoluted, needlessly-complicated plot of the year. Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen both phone it in (I don't blame them, they were given trash to work with. I hate when movies try to crowbar "WW2 flashbacks" into their movies when it's not needed. Climax - 4/10 Harriet - 4/10 Lucy in the Sky - 4/10 - Once or twice a year, a movie comes along that has such a frustrating/stupid/anti-climactic ending it makes me actually angry. This is that movie. Natalie Portman had another movie like that last year (Vox Lux. Hey Noah Hawley, what the f*ck? Freaks - 4/10 - This movie would fit well in the "Good Idea But Bad Execution" subreddit. Tel Aviv On Fire - 4/10 Ma - 4/10 Frankie - 3/10 Stuber - 3/10 Serenity - 3/10 - In a year full of batsh*t-crazy twists (looking at you, Last Christmas) this easily had the batsh*t-iest twist. It's something you actually have to experience yourself, and be fully-immersed in it, to appreciate how mind-numblingly crazy it is. How they got A-list talent for this script is a total mystery, but it probably involves of a lot of favors and cocaine. It's almost "so bad its good. Almost. I can't wait for the sequel, Free Guy, next year. Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil - 3/10 - More genocide than I expected for a live-action Disney fairy tale movie. Donnybrook - 3/10 The Photograph - 3/10 - Zzzzzzzzzz. Charlie's Angels - 3/10 Hellboy - 3/10 - This movie is like that annoying kid in middle school that tries way to hard to be edgy. It's gory and vulgar just for the sake of being gory & vulgar. It reminded me of the Predator reboot last year, had the same kind of dated/forced humor that seems to have no real target audience (except for the aforementioned middle school edgy kid I guess. Bad CGI and a boring villain. iirc it also had a lame sequel-bait ending which I hate. Happy Death Day 2U - 3/10 - The Sun Is Also A Star - 3/10 - It's filmed like a generic music video and has the emotional depth of a puddle. Don't Let Go - 3/10 The Invisibles - 3/10 Playing with Fire - 3/10 - This was just like Mark Wahlberg's Instant Family last year, except that it was worse in every imaginable way. No lie, the end-credits bloopers were by far better than anything else in the movie. It was the only time I even chuckled or felt any type of emotion. Cats - 2/10 - There's not much more I could say that already hasn't been said. Yes, it was bad. No, it wasn't the worst movie in history. For me, it was just so boring. Forgettable songs (except Beautiful Ghosts) no story/plot, nonsensical ending. Just wanted it to end. Jennifer Hudson just floating into space for no reason, Judi Dench giving me unwarranted lessons about raising cats, Ian McKellen slurping milk from a bowl, Extremely-Hairy-And-Naked-Idris-Elba, co*ckroach Genocide, etc. These things all happened and we can't change them, and for us to grow as a society, we need to just move on and learn from our mistakes. Rambo: Last Blood - 2/10 The Sound of Silence - 2/10 - More like The Sound of Boredom, amirite? No but seriously, that's all I got. This movie was the closest I got to falling asleep in my seat this year. Synonyms - 2/10 Black Christmas - 2/10 - Extremely cheesy dialogue, cop-out violence, boring/predictable jump scares, low production value (bad even for a low-end Blumhouse movie) some of the worst one-liners you've ever heard, unrealistic/2D characters. sh*tty ending. Wayyyyy too heavy-handed with the message. About as subtle as a flying brick to the forehead. Amateur acting, cutaway for every death, etc etc. After the Wedding - 2/10 - Overacted, muddled garbage. 47 Meters Down Uncaged - 1/10 Shaft - 1/10 - Crude, unfunny, soulless, grating, pointless. There's a million adjectives I could use to describe this reboot, and none of them are positive. This is one I'm surprised I didn't just walk out of. Probably didn't have anything better do do that day. Jexi - 1/10 - This year's worst movie. It's just the kind of movie that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, like you need to watch something else to get the stink of this one out of your mind. It was just so mean-spirited, from start to finish. Not a single joke landed, you just hated all of the characters. There are no redeeming factors. On the technical side, it was very basic, looked like a cheap music video. No memorable scenes, no good lines of dialogue, no originality in any way. None of the "cheerful" pick-me-up" moments earn any kind of emotional reaction. If you had a freshman high-school film student remake Her as a sh*tty comedy, this would be it. The fact that I paid money to see this is something I will never live down. Movies that I saw outside of theaters, not included in the list: The King - 8/10 - Netflix Paddleton - 8/10 - Netflix El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story - 8/10 - Netflix High Flying Bird - 7/10 - Netflix Dolemite Is My Name - 7/10 - Netflix Triple Frontier - 6/10 - Netflix The Boy Who Harnessed Wind - 6/10 - Netflix The Laundromat - 5/10 - Netflix The Highwaymen - 5/10 - Netflix Velvet Buzzsaw - 4/10 - Netflix Bird Box - 4/10 - Netflix Six Underground - 2/10 - Netflix Movies that I saw in theaters in 2019, but are not included in the list due to original release date: If Beale Street Could Talk - 9/10 Cold War - 9/10 Capernaum - 9/10 Mary Poppins Returns - 7/10 The Charmer - 6/10 Movies that I haven't seen yet but will see in the next few weeks: Little Women 1917 In Fabric Tremors Just Mercy Midnight Family A Million Little Pieces The Earthquake Bird American Son Portrait of A Lady On Fire Clemency Beanpole The Kingmaker The Song of Names Here is the distribution of theater visits by day of the week: Throughout the year, I've gone to 13 different theaters. 9 at major chains, and 4 at indie theaters. Here's the distribution of visits by theater: Here is the distribution of theater visits by month: Other: The longest stretch I went without going to the movies was from July 21st thru August 20th, without a single trip to the movies. Partially due to an out-of-country trip and personal stuff. During this time I "missed out" on The Kitchen, The Nightingale, Brian Banks, and Honeyland. Mostly caught up to the rest. The most theater visits in a one-week span was November 1st thru November 8th, with 8 movies that week. The most in one day was 3 movies in theaters on March 15th, 2019 ( Styx, To Dust, and Captive State. There were 26 double-headers this year (two movies in theaters during the same day, usually back-to-back. Solid year, not as many surprises as 2018 though. Going to try to break 200 in 2020. Here is last year's ranking.

Blind eyes opened full movie. 123Movies: Please remember to bookmark or keep in your mind, thank you! 0 Rating (0) No Ratings Yet) Blind Eyes Opened A Christian documentary diving into the sex trafficking industry in the US exposing the darkness that fuels demand, highlighting survivors transformations through Christ, and showing Christ as the hope for all involved. Duration: 0 Release: 2020 IMDb: N/A You May Also Like A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol An old bitter miser who makes excuses for his uncaring nature learns real compassion when three ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve. Keep Watching Keep Watching A family imprisoned by intruders is forced to play a terrifying game of “Kill, Or Be Killed”. As the night unfolds, the games mysterious rules become clear, and the family… Country: USA The Bridges of Madison County The Bridges of Madison County Photographer Robert Kincaid wanders into the life of housewife Francesca Johnson for four days in the 1960s. Country: USA The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane Quiet, withdrawn 13-year-old Rynn Jacobs lives peacefully in her home in a New England beach town. Whenever the prying landlady inquires after Rynns father, she politely claims that hes in… Hamlet Hamlet Modern day adaptation of Shakespeares immortal story about Hamlets plight to avenge his fathers murder in New York City. Country: USA A Walk in the Woods A Walk in the Woods After spending two decades in England, Bill Bryson returns to the U. S., where he decides the best way to connect with his homeland is to hike the Appalachian Trail with… Country: USA A Separation A Separation A married couple are faced with a difficult decision – to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after… An Affair to Remember An Affair to Remember Nickie Ferrantes return to New York to marry a rich heiress is well publicized as are his many antics and affairs. He meets a nightclub singer Terry McKay who is… Country: USA Silkwood Silkwood The story of Karen Silkwood, a metallurgy worker at a plutonium processing plant who was purposefully contaminated, psychologically tortured and possibly murdered to prevent her from exposing blatant worker safety… Country: USA Hearts in Atlantis Hearts in Atlantis A widowed mother and her son change when a mysterious stranger enters their lives. Country: USA Love Dont Cost a Thing Love Dont Cost a Thing High school loser (Cannon) pays a cheerleader (Milian) to pose as his girlfriend so he can be considered cool. Remake of 1987s Cant Buy Me Love, starring Patrick Dempsey. Country: USA Invisible Life Invisible Life Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1950. In the conservative home of the Gusmão family, Eurídice and Guida are two inseparable sisters who support each other. While Guida can share with her….

The only thing I was scared of was me thinking the birds were gonna die ಥ‿ಥ. Blind eyes opened tickets. Jesus opened blind eyes. Blind eyes opened. I knew it was Rami Malek from the time he uttered, James Bond. He is going to be one badass Villain. Blind eyes opened trailer. Blind eyes opened rating. Blind eyes opened review. Blind eyes opened cast. A/N: Today's expansion of the HEL Jumper universe and its lore is brought to you by /u/big_papa_dakky, who has most generously chosen to support me on patreon. Yes, I have a patreon now. Why? Because after two years of building up this world I think it's time to solidify its presence in my life. Put simply, the more support I have the more time I can devote to writing HEL Jumper, Coronation Day, and other projects that my supporters might request. Please do consider supporting me on the platform. Last but not least a special thanks to Mr. Polygon, ClarityandVision, KillTech, LilLaussa, and the six other individuals who have already pledged to support my work. I hope you all enjoy the commission. Again. His master shouted, grabbing Antoth under his arm and hauling him upright with rough authority. The young, ebony toned Cauthan stood on unsure feet. His thighs burned with the exertion of endless thrusts and parries. His lungs screamed for more of the humid, evening Maran air. Heat radiated from his many scales and short feathers. The Guardian did not let him wait. "Come. He demanded, rapping his sword against his shield. Wood struck metal and rang out over the enclosed arena, echoing off the barracks to Antoth's right and the houses and storage facilities to his left. Fury and frustration swirled around his chest in equal parts. "Rrrragh. Antoth roared, summoning his strength, digging his talons into the earth, and lunging at his master. The brown furred Cauthan was not as tall as he, nor as muscled, but he followed like the water of the river, easily sidestepping Antoth's attack before delivering a brutal strike to his apprentice's shoulder. The blow had the young Cauthan gritting his teeth in pain, the hardened leather sparring armor he sported barely dampening the force. Antoth swung wide with his shield, anger blurring his vision and opening him wide for attack. His master ducked, planted his feet, and shouldered him to the ground. "Do that in a fight with a half competent opponent and you're dead. Again. You know what they say, ursae. The bigger they are the harder they fall! I felt that one from here. An auburn furred huntress called from the railings, leaning against the wood as she played idly with her brown arm feathers. Shed done so incessantly since her adult plumage had come in. "Stow it, Ratha! Don't you have an animal to skin. Antoth shouted as he clambered to his feet. The Guardian delivered a swift punch to the side of his head with a gloved fist. "Your fight is here. Antoth's elder insisted, standing over him with a disappointed look on his face and Antoths swimming head force him to a knee. Shame burned in his belly as Ratha laughed loudly, enjoying her semi-regular pastime of taunting the village behemoth. "Stay focused, Antoth. I know you can land a hit. A kinder voice called from Ratha's side. A sleek, confident hunter with dark sandy fur, bold black feathers and scales, and sharp amber eyes was overseeing the combat as well. Antoth had passively noted the two of them returning earlier in the day, dragging a large chesko behind them. Ratha was getting better. "Daretho. She gasped, twisting her head towards her elder who'd so casually betrayed her. She couldn't bear to actually frown at him though, the enigmatic male who had refused to take a mate through his teens and twenties. He fascinated her completely and utterly. "I think you've taunted more than enough wild animals for the day, young one. he chuckled, maintaining the required rivalry between the temples of Valta and Uthos as his friend, the Guardian, trained his evident successor. The servant of Uthos only grunted in reply. "Oh come on, we brought it down just fine. Ratha protested. "And were it not for your brazen display, we would have done so without a chase. We aren't like them, Ratha. When we strike it must be true, the first time, just as the hyrven pack. You would not win against a brute like that if he saw you coming. Ratha wasn't sure if Daretho meant the male chesko with the great antlers, or the panting, towering Cauthan in the ring before her. Either way her inflated sense of honor was insulted. Her feathers flared defensively. "There's a reason the hyrven hunt the chesko and not the other way around. Mmm, that is true. the hunter agreed. "But woe to the hyrven who tries to kill a chesko without her pack. You'll understand one day, Ratha. The prideful moments of youth mean less and less as time goes on. You just have to survive long enough. I didn't realize you liked him so much. Ratha pouted as wooden swords clashed and clawed feet scuffled through the mud and well-worn grasses of the training ring. Antoth forced a shield parry from his master, and then another. They were blows that would have landed either of the hunters in the temple of Kel. Daretho laughed. "What's not to like, Ratha? He's your age, isn't he. Yes. She agreed suspiciously. "How incredible, to be so physically gifted at fifteen! He'll make a wonderful Guardian one day. Probably a decent mate too, eh spunky? Give him hell, Antoth. Oh please. Ratha laughed with derision. "He's too much of a stick in the mud to be the Guardian. He'll be old and gray by the time a successor is needed. As for that, he's more likely to squish a female than breed her. I cannot speak for Meylith, but one never knows what Kel may have to say about such things as our Guardian. a wizened voice called from behind them. The two hunters turned to find a short, smiling priest in black robes looking up at them. Daretho bowed as Ratha acknowledged his presence with her feathers. "Good evening to you, Thantis. You're without your mug. Daretho replied. "Priest of Kel. Ratha said with the due respect. Thantis walked forward calmly to join them at the side of the arena, his chin and jowls sporting a few more gray hairs than when they'd last seen him. "And you are still without a female! Good evening to you, Daretho. Thantis chuckled as the hunter took the joke in stride. "I should have known this would be the source of such a ruckus. He's a passionate one, isn't he. The death priest asked rhetorically, watching as Antoth bared his teeth, threw his shield to the ground, and tackled his master into the dirt. "Mmm, quite an interesting maneuver. It seems to have succeeded. Hardly, priest of Kel. That one would have sent him to meet your god. the Guardian called from his position on the ground, having slipped his blade between Antoth's torso and arm. "Heh, told you he's like an ursae. No finesse whatsoever. Woe to the female that ends up under that. Ratha laughed. "That's what it means to be the strongest. Daretho replied wisely. "When he gets better he'll be unstoppable. Stealth can be taught. Brawn less so. Everyone can be stopped. All you need is an arrow to the eye. Ratha insisted dismissively. "Your apprentice is right on this one. Thantis informed Daretho with a wink. "It is interesting, is it not? A life of so many years, snuffed out in a flash. The balance is difficult to understand sometimes, even for me. You've been attempting poetry again. the lean, wiry hunter guessed. Thantis smiled ruefully. "Guilty as charged, Daretho. But it is worthwhile the consideration of you martial fellows as well. Ratha cleared her throat audibly. "Pardon me young one; females too. The blade and arrow, the shield and spear. In a single moment you will kill so our village may live. It is a simple transaction, in some ways. Antoth and his brothers must both wield and defy death, a much more difficult task. I sometimes wonder if they are more qualified to serve the balance than I. Daretho co*cked his head in thought, but Ratha's tongue was as swift as her arrows. "Pretty sure that sort of round about wordplay makes you more qualified. Ratha. Daretho scolded her swiftly. The guardsmen looked on during a pause in their struggle, seeing a truly repentant look on her face. "My apologies, Thantis. You are too harsh on her, Daretho. Speaking before you think is part of being young! Besides, I choose to take it as a compliment. And you are too kind to her, Thantis. Valta is a merciless Mistress. I see today is a day for learning everywhere. Thantis observed happily. "Guardian, guardian to be, hunters, I must take my leave. Oh and Antoth, do stop by if you require any bandages. Someday it'll be him needing the bandage- oof! Antoth was cut off by a swift pommel strike to the gut, a sneak attack that had Ratha in stitches yet again. he spluttered, dropping his weapon and placing his hands on his knees. "That wasn't- gasp "fair. No, it wasn't. the Guardian agreed with an uncommon, wry smile. His terse reply summed up a lesson that Daretho and his charge knew quite well, the ring was the only place where one would find a truly fair fight. "Now then, if you two are done appraising my apprentice like one of your hunted beasts, we'll be taking a moment. Well you heard the man. We've got a carcass to skin anyway. Selah Guardian, Antoth" Daretho called, turning and walking north towards the main avenue. Ratha seemed momentarily taken aback by the abrupt change in pace, scrambling to gather her spear, bow, and quiver as she decided making another jest at Antoth's expense was less enticing that spending more time with her erstwhile mentor, occasional hunting partner, and guilty obsession. "What? Hey, wait for me you old man. Ratha called, scampering after him. "Later, Antoth. Heh, later Ratha. he panted, bowing to his master as the Guardian silently motioned for his training sword and shield. Antoth handed them to him before beginning to undo the straps and clasps of his armor. "You and she will be of age next year, will you not. He demanded. "Oh come on, master. We've been over this. Antoth groaned, removing his bracers before working on his pauldrons. "So you say, but other than your brothers she is here more than most anyone in the village. She visits in the evenings when you practice the sword and shield. That is no accident. Yeah, cause Daretho has nothing better to do than chat us up. Antoth countered. "She's only here because he is. I may not be the smartest Cauthan in the village, sir, but I'm not blind. And what do you think of a young female like her being around a male like him. The seasoned warrior asked curiously. If he had thoughts on the morality of the situation, his tone did not reveal them. "Master. We are charged with guarding the people of this village, Antoth. It is tempting at times to believe that makes us better than them, or perhaps separate from them as some of Valta's disciples believe. You must always divest yourself of this notion, my apprentice. We are one with them. So we're going to gossip about Ratha. Antoth demanded skeptically. "Get your armor off before I decide you're trying to tell me you want to go at it until the twins are above us in the sky. his master snapped. "As for your, in a way. Why should the servants of Uthos not be permitted to gossip? One never knows what one might hear. Yeah yeah, whatever you say, master. What's that I hear in your tone. He raised his voice as Antoth stacked his training armor and made for the storage shed. "Nothing, sir. Antoth called over his shoulder, rolling his eyes. "Are you certain? Because what that sounded like was you not wanting to talk about that rambunctious little huntress. Don't know what there is to talk about. Antoth yelled far too loudly as his master had followed him into the shed. "Sounds like there's plenty. he said quietly. "Master…" It's none of my business, young one. Maybe you just enjoy the way her tail hangs over those haunches of hers. Oh come…really? For Uthos sake, I dont want to think about that. Ha! Don't think I forget what it's like to be fifteen! Come; let's go get you cleaned up. The trough won't do in your state. He was too tired to argue much and his bruises throbbed painfully now that his adrenaline was dying down. Antoth nodded to his master, emerging from the equipment shed in a rough tunic and pants. The two of them walked along the far side of the ring. From within the barracks, light, music, and voices reached them. "Do you wish you were in there with your brothers. The Guardian asked Antoth. "No, sir. The older Cauthan sighed, remaining silent until they reached the east gate a moment later. The on duty guards saluted and opened the way for them, allowing the two warriors to head for the fields and the forest beyond. When they were alone he spoke again. "Do you know why we choose the symbol of the shield. What do you mean, sir. Antoth requested, gazing off to his left where the blue and grey glow of the Twins was glowing brighter, the two moons beginning their nightly journey across the skies. "There are many tools of our trade, Antoth. We use the bow and arrow, sword and spear. But above our barracks and on our cloaks is the symbol of your shield. Why do you think that is. Because it's Uthos' symbol. The teenaged Cauthan guessed lazily, instead occupied with thoughts about how one day he would repay his master for the dull ache in his shoulder. "You mock me. the Guardian growled. "Perhaps we should have another hand to hand combat lesson? Use your brain, Antoth! It is a weapon equally as potent as your height or your sword arm. Dishonor briefly welled inside Antoth, and he dutifully considered his master's question. "Because the shield is not used to kill, but to protect. Hmm, you and I both know that's not entirely true, but you have the right of it for the most part. his master admitted as they disappeared into the trees and walked through the early autumn underbrush. "The shield is honest, Antoth. Blades may be concealed under a cloak. Arrows find their targets from the trees or bushes. The spear strikes from afar. But the shield? The shield is worn proudly, boldly. It stands as a challenge to those who would do harm and a reassuring bulwark to those who count on Uthos' protection. The shield is honest, Antoth. the Cauthan veteran emphasized. "And while you do not have to tell me everything, you must learn to be honest with yourself if you are to serve as the Guardian one day. The sound of pads and claws on dirt and leaves softly filled the air as apprentice silently contemplated his master's lesson. "It is tempting, gambling and singing like the rest of them. he admitted. "Of course it is. his master agreed with a sympathetic hand on Antoth's shoulder. "And yet here you are. It's an honor to serve Uthos, master. And…. The Guardian prompted. "And it's fun being the strongest and kicking their asses when they try to cheat at dice. Ha! There it is! Yes Antoth, you are strong, bold, and brave. But I did not choose you as my successor so early for those reasons. I chose you because I believe you are mentally tough enough to one day shoulder the burdens of leadership, to potentially hold in your hands the lives of others and decide who will live and who will die. Have you had to do that, master. Antoth asked with reservation as they finally came to the river. "No Antoth, but my predecessor did. Thantis is lucky, now that I think of him. He is older than I and yet he still has plenty of time to choose a successor. Yeah, if he doesn't choke on his tea. Hmm hmm. the Guardian chuckled at his apprentice, allowing their distance from the village to tamp down his proper and reserved demeanor just a tad. He knelt at the rivers edge and dipped a paw into the water, washing grime and mud from his hands. "That's not bad. I have half a mind to join you myself. But then again I spent a lot less time in the dirt today. Ass. Antoth scoffed, stripping off his tunic and throwing it aside. "Ha! Even I have my vices, young one. Look, Antoth. the head guard gestured to the still water's surface. His apprentice did so. "The gods blessed you with height and strength beyond all your fellows. The day you learn to channel that strength, to control it and use it as a fine instrument, to make your sword an extension of your will be able to stand before you. And that is the day you will come to fear the shadow most of all. Because Cauthan like Ratha hide in it. Antoth agreed bitterly, closing his eyes. "I'm sorry, my pupil. Yeah, me too. Antoth chuckled lowly. "When Daretho turns her down next year that's going to be one hell of a wasted ass. The Guardian shook his head ruefully, happy to laugh with his chosen successor while regretting the truth of life on Mara. Death was swift, elusive, and unknowable. As Guardian, Antoth would either learn that lesson or die to it. Peacetime could not teach certain truths. "The body can be trained, but the mind must be strong. he whispered. “Whats that, sir? ” “Nothing. Now take a bath! ” His master shouted, laughing and slapping him on the back. With a surprised yelp Antoth tumbled into the river, the waters still warm from the summer season. Weightlessness overtook him and he allowed himself to float a moment, the soft, muffled sounds of the water surrounding him. He breathed out slowly, feeling bubbles escape his muzzle and slip against his fur before finishing their journey to the surface. His talons touched the silt and smooth rock at the bottom, the riverbed soothing his overworked feet. Antoth opened his eyes in the darkness as something grew louder under the surface. He jerked his head around, feeling his heartbeat quicken. It was getting closer. His lungs suddenly felt empty. He tried to push off for the surface. He couldn't. Panic began to set in. Antoth…! The young Cauthan gasped and gulped down air as he and the rest of his compatriots stood fully armored before the closed northern gate. His master looked up at him, his brow furrowed under his leather helmet. A mesh of small metal plates hung from the bottom rim to protect the back and sides of his neck. They twinkled in Seil's light, a pretty thing out of place. "Calm your mind and focus your thoughts, my apprentice. But Traskan and Bentar. Are dead. The Guardian snapped. "They gave their lives so you could close the gates, get our farmers to safety, and notify the rest of the watch. They are with Uthos now. You have done well, Antoth, but the day is not won. Daretho, status. They're holding in the forest. Our arrows drove them back but they aren't fleeing. the hunter reported calmly with a grim expression on his face. The disciples of Valta could be seen all around them, kneeling atop the roofs of the long, wooden blockhouses that bordered the northern palisade. Ratha stood defiantly at Daretho's side, foolishly and bravely showing a full target to the enemy with bow ready and arrow nocked. Her presence, along with that of her guild mates, freed the village guard to act as foot soldiers. Small wooden shields and spears formed the standard compliment of their weaponry. Antoth and the Guardian bore swords and broad shields, forged of the precious metal of the village. "Then all that remains it to determine what sort of male the enemy chieftain is. the Guardian muttered to himself before rapping his scales against Antoth's shield. "Consider this your final lesson, my apprentice. Master. Kel does not wait until you are ready to face him. Now prepare yourself, servant of Uthos. Today we are the shield that guards our people. Open the gates! ” The two guardsmen at the ready raised the crossbars and began opening the wooden palisade. Antoth could feel every scale on his arms shaking. The sun beat down on his leather helmet and the feathers beneath. He wanted to tear it from his head. His armor felt tight with every breath. Slowly more and more of the forest came into view. A small portion of the enemy horde was visible at the terminus of the pathway that led from the northern gate through their fields and up to the tree line. “Uthos protect you all, ” the lead huntsman called to them. The Guardian gave him a curt nod and marched forward, his troops close behind. “Well it seems its going to be that kind of day, ” he remarked without concern, noting that the enemy chieftain had broken cover the moment the gates had opened, charging straight down the open lane towards the village. The rest of his men slipped from the woods into the fields, affording them some concealment. From behind the guard force, the twanging of bowstrings could be heard as the hunters began loosing their arrows. Every so often a scream would erupt from somewhere within the fields flush with tall, green stalks, bolstering the morale of the defenders. “Steady men! ” The Guardian called, watching intently as the chieftain shrugged off an arrow to his shoulder and kept coming. “We are strong when we fight together. Now brace yourselves! ” At his command the Cauthan guard force took their stances, planting their back feet, raising their shields and fixing their spears at the crop fields before them. The trailing elements of the formation stood next to the walls, with Antoth and his master at the apex of the triangle formed by the two lines of guardsmen and the fortification behind them. “Antoth. ” “Yes, master? ” “Show them no mercy. ” With that final word of advice Antoths master and tutor of seven years took a single step forward, readied his sword, and parried the wild, forceful, overhead blow of the attacking chieftain. The barbarians axe glanced off his shield as the Guardian knelt and thrust his sword deep into the enemy Cauthans belly. Antoth watched in awe as the spotted enemy dropped to the ground mortally wounded, though in retrospect he would come to realize it was all too easy. At that moment the vanguard of the attacking force, totaling at least twice the size of the village guard, burst from the swaying grain stalks and charged the formation, yelling and screaming like beings possessed. The death of their leader seemed to be no deterrent. “Steady! ” The Guardian rallied them, stepping back into formation as spears thrust and shields clashed. Kel descended upon them. “RRRRAAAGH! ” Antoth yelled as the battle raged all around him, his height affording him an advantage similar to the hunters above on the gatehouse. Most of them had ceased fire, unable or unwilling to take the risk of hitting a friendly in the scrum of battle; especially those camped safely behind the walls. Ratha and Daretho were not among that number, drawing their bows and loosing shots whenever they spied an opportunity and coordinating attacks against the handful of archers that had accompanied the raiding party. Antoth had no time to worry about them, however, surrounded by fur and talons, clashing wood, stone, and iron. His first kill came as two enemy warriors tried to bypass him and attack to his right. They seemed to prefer a fight against an enemy armed with a wooden spear and shield as opposed to a broadsword. Fear and nerves had stayed his hand until that point, his immense stature keeping him relatively safe from direct confrontation, but fate forced his hand. “I wont let you! ” With a leap borne of adrenaline and years of training, Antoth tackled an unsuspecting warrior as he danced just outside of spear range. Antoth slit his throat and leapt to his feet, retreating back to the safety of the spear line where he received a pat on the back. “Here comes the next one! ” His fellow yelled, and so Antoths body began to move, muscle and nerves firing on memory alone. He strung parries into killing blows, commanded his opponents with his size, and complemented the weaknesses of the nearby allied spearmen with his ability to engage in close combat. After stunning a black and white stripped raider with his shield and slicing the Cauthans chest from shoulder to hip, Antoth finally took a moment to take account of the battlefield at large, as a commander should, as hed been trained to do. “Master? ” He called, turning his head frantically to the left and right. Finally he spotted the Guardians cloak, the head of the guard force moving swiftly to defend a weak point in the line where the raiders had broken through and were threatening to dissolve the formation entirely. A shadow caught Antoths eye, an unusual rustling among the kina vines. “MASTER! ” A small group of opportunists had faded away from the battle, waiting to strike at opportune moments. The second the Guardian turned his back to the fields to assist his comrades, they struck. Antoths feet rooted themselves to the ground as time slowed and the sounds of battle faded to mere afterthoughts. He saw a club swing low, striking and breaking his masters stance as his leg was crippled. The Guardian dropped to one knee, his face contorted in pain as he parried a blow and lashed out with a wide swing that spilled the offending Cauthans guts onto the damp soil. But the enemy was not alone. A second club struck the Guardian across the face, breaking his jaw. A blade sunk into his shoulder. Antoth felt his soul shatter. “MASTER! ” He wailed, so consumed by his own distress that he didnt notice the lanky, frightened teen hanging around the edge of the battlefield. Somehow the poorly trained archer had avoided death up to that point, but took his chance when Antoths guard dropped. The hulking, midnight-furred Cauthan saw him only after the axe was in flight, more of a sharpened tool than a true weapon. The youngsters aim was true, however, and all Antoth could do was stare Kel in the face as grief and unbridled rage consumed his being. He disobeyed his master and closed his eyes, reaching out with his shield hand. He felt the wooden handle brush his fingertips first, his helmet warp and split, then pressure and warm wetness as the axe buried itself into the thickest part of his skull. He could feel the bottom of the curved blade slicing into the tender flesh just below his left eye. His eye closed as his blood clouded his vision. He only needed one eye for what was to come. There was no pain. “You should have thrown harder, ” he growled, dropping his sword, wrenching the axe from his own skull and hurling it back at his attacker. The young hunter, most out of place on a battlefield, didnt even move as his own weapon hurtled back in his direction. Only his eyes moved, wide with terror as the monster of a Cauthan that hed tried to kill remained standing. He shrieked as the leading edge buried itself in his chest, his final sounds turning to bloody gurgles as fluid filled his lungs. Antoth stood, panting heavily as his left eye swelled shut. “Look out, you freaking animal! ” Ratha called from on high, firing a precise shot at another raider who sought to decapitate the second half of the guard forces leadership. He had attacked from Antoths blinded side. The teenaged warrior turned and watched the body fall to the ground, the raider clutching at his throat as his life essence spilled from the wound in his neck. You must be honest with yourself if you are to serve as the Guardian one day. Antoth knelt and retrieved his sword. He hefted his shield and roared violently, a rallying cry and a challenge for all to hear above the din of males fighting and dying. With his master felled in battle the situation had dissolved into chaotic scrums, with pockets of raiders seeking to overwhelm single or pairs of guards. “Your Guardian yet lives! ” he screamed, cleaving a raiders head from his body. “Rally to me! Defend your brothers! Defend your homes! Defend your people! To me! ” Soon Antoth found his left flank guarded by one of his fellows, then his right. Shield and spears linked together, forming a tight and impregnable circle that opened up the field for their archers. “Daretho! ” “Sir! ” The hunter relayed instructions to his temples leader and arrows began to rain down yet again. Confronted with a difficult infantry formation to crack, a hail of arrows, and a quite undamaged wall, the raiders soon decided their lives were more valuable than their deaths and retreated, fleeing into the northern forests from whence theyd come. As his surviving brothers lowered their spears and tentatively relaxed, Antoth felt his legs shaking and his sword hand trembling. The iron blade, red with the blood of his enemies, suddenly felt too heavy to bear for another second. It clattered to the dirt beneath his talons as he walked forward, soon finding himself standing over the body of his Master. All life had left the Cauthans eyes as his blood pooled beneath him from the wound to his chest. Antoths ribs felt ready to cave in and break as his chest tightened and his good eye blurred with tears. His first harvest festival had been but a handful of years ago and now the mantle of Guardian fell upon him at eighteen years of age. He knew what he honestly wanted to do. He wanted to fall upon his masters body and cry like a cub. He wanted to weep for his fallen comrades on the field and at the west gate. “The shield…is honest, ” he murmured, kneeling by his masters head and gently shutting his mentors eyelids with two fingers. The visage now appeared at peace. “Thank you for your wisdom, my master. Go to Uthos side. His Shield still guards our people. ” The honest truth, Antoth knew, was that the Cauthan he loved needed his strength, not his sorrow. And so he stood…and stood. Seil beat down on him and the blood on his fur dried as he stood alone on the battlefield. “Antoth…Antoth! ” Ratha gasped and took a step back as he rounded on her. The dead look in his eye was unsettling, even to someone like her who killed for a living. She was standing next to Daretho and the high priest of Valta. “Woah, easy there…damn thats going to be one hell of a scar. ” “You alright, Antoth? ” Daretho asked with concern, taking some solace in the fact that far more enemy bodies surrounded them than friendly. “Im alive, ” the young male growled, realizing that his masters final lesson had been truer than all the rest. Death and fate did not wait. “We need to prepare for their return. ” “You have done your part. Now its our time to serve. Valta willing, they will never return, ” the elder hunter promised. All Antoth could do was nod. Ratha tried asking him a handful of questions about their quarry, but he could only manage one or two word answers for her. He still could not wrap his head around the fact that he was now the Guardian. In the end, she remained silently at his side for a time, looking down at what the barbarous enemy had done to a proud and beloved Cauthan who had given his life of service to Uthos. She couldnt bear to look up at Antoths face. “I promise you, ” she whispered, voice quivering. She had never seen so many dead Cauthan. “I promise you in Valtas name there will be blood and vengeance. ” “It wont bring him back, ” Antoth replied, his voice devoid of anything Ratha could even begin to describe as emotion. She rested a hand on his shoulder. “No it wont. But Ill bring you back their heads…Guardian. ”.

Blind eyes opened wiki. Note: Can I Say This at Church is produced for audio listening. If able, I strongly encourage you to listen to the audio, which has inflection, emotion, sarcasm where applicable, and emphasis for points that may not come across well in written word. This transcript is generated using a combination of my ears and software, and may contain errors. Please check the episode for clarity before quoting in print. Back to the Audio Episode Geoffrey 0:00 That's a worldwide Yeah, that's a worldwide statistic. And where that comes from is the International Labor Organization that recently identified 41 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. But what we did is we took out forced marriage from that number and landed on the 27 million, there's about 15 million forced marriages. And so we zeroed in on that 27 million number. So that's a global number that includes sex trafficking, that includes labor trafficking, other types of forced labor, etc. And so that's where that number comes from. The other statistic that you just mentioned, the other data point is that the United States is identified as one of the or the greatest consumer of human trafficking worldwide. So we are driving that demand. Seth Intro 0:50 Everybody, welcome back to the show. I am Seth. This is the Can I Say This At Church podcast. today's conversation is one To give you a heads up on I, we we broach upon the topic of not necessarily in detail, but just the overarching topics of sex trafficking. And so if that is something that you're uncomfortable with, I might would recommend, do just delaying this. Well, I'm I would recommend skipping this one. But I do want to say that topic very much matters. It is most certainly a very real thing. And as I prepared for this conversation, I was tremendously heartbroken. And so with that in mind, I don't really have much to say for an introduction. I'm excited for you to hear this conversation that I had with two of the people that were behind a documentary that comes out on I think January 23, called blind eyes opened, which is a movie about the truth around sex trafficking specifically in America. And, yeah, here we go. Seth 2:20 Jeff and Carrie Rogers, welcome to the Can I Say This At Church podcast, from what I understand you're in a much nicer area of the United States than I am. I live on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it's like seven outside. And so I'm unhappy to hear that you're in Florida. And I'm quite jealous, because I'm sure it's not seven there. But Welcome to the show. I'm excited that you're here. And I am slightly intimidated by the conversation that will have about the topic of what you some of the work that you're doing. But I will table that for a minute. And so for those that are listening, what would you want us to know about you kind of each of you, what makes you you, what makes you tick, and kind of how did you get into what you're doing? doing right now? Unknown Speaker 3:01 What do you go first? You omega? Sure? Karrie 3:04 Um, well, okay, um, it was 2011. And my husband, where he can explain us from the corporate world, and I was kind of already a mother of two, I had my third child, three boys. And we really felt like God was calling us to do something with media. And neither one of us are from that background at all. I did dental hygiene, and had to be God, because it was something totally would never do. And, I mean, my personal story was, and I think it's kind of cool. So, um, you know, you kind of play these games with God, you're like, Well, God, if this is you, then kind of ask God like a sign. And so I gotta, this is you. And this is really he'd been kind of working on my heart and I think he was working on my husband's heart, but he was preparing mine, because I was going to have to like support what he was going to ask to do. And we can get to that a little later. But I remember I was like literally feeding my third child. He was nine months old. And I was having this conversation with God in my head. And I was like, okay, God, if this is really you, then just having quit his job right now and walk through the door. And it was like 90 seconds later, the door opens and a normal wife's reaction would be like, Oh, hey, Honey, you're home. But for me, I was like, I was like 15 in the afternoon, I remember the time because I looked at the clock. And I said, What are you doing home? And he looked at me and he's like, and literally, my thought in my head was just having quit his job right now. If this is your Lord hadn't just quit his job walk to the door. So the next words out of his mouth were I quit my job. I was like, instantly happy like, Oh my gosh, I heard from you, Lord, but then Fear was like, What have I asked for? Like, I was like, I asked her this. And now I'm like, gonna have to go through this trial. And so then he laughed and said, I'm just kidding. I can only close because I got to go out to dinner tonight. And I was so relieved, because I was like, Thank you, God, that you were merciful enough to like, make it a joke. But that's all I needed. From that moment on. I was in. I mean, they were my exact words, make him quit his job. And so for me, and I'm just kind of giving you the exchange for me. I was like, I don't care what's coming next. I'm going to say yes, yeah. Yes, Lord. Yeah. And then I'll kind of let him take off from there because that's just my little personal nugget. That was my god wink. Seth Price 5:49 Jeff, how often do you quit your job on a whim? Geoffrey 5:53 That's a good question. It actually wasn't a window. I'll tell you what. It's been a journey. I mean, I had 15 years in the corporate world. About 13 and a half of them at IBM, and just an incredibly blessed career, but they, at the time, our desire and chasing after God was really just exploding. And so for me, the way I like to describe it is, it's like, every rung on that corporate ladder became more and more hollow for me. And so we really did know over a period of time that something was come in. I mean, we even began to plan our finances accordingly, and really felt like there was a calling of God that was coming upon us. And then it was through a series of events that it finally did get to the point where we agreed, you know what, we are going to do this, we are, I am going to leave the corporate world. And we're going to go into ministry. And I do like to say that God only shows you a very small portion of what's around the next corner to get you to turn that corner because, you know, had we known what would happen over the last 9889 years now. It's been an incredible road. So it certainly wasn't on a whim, but it it's been Calling and it it was a major decision for our family that's for sure. Seth Price 7:06 We've used the word it. Can you either one of you kind of tell me what it is? If we were to give that a name? What is it? Geoffrey 7:15 So the calling has been when we left the corporate world, we started the organization now the ministry that we're running called the ships of Tarshish. And so that comes from Isaiah 60. And the calling with that ministry is to use media, to engage in what we would deem to be critical social issues that we really feel like the church needs to pay more attention to needs to get involved in. And so in 2011, that's the journey that we started when we say it is working with the shift of tortious ministry to do just that. Seth Price 7:52 Yeah. What are some of those issues? Geoffrey 7:56 So the first project that we focused on, it's called surrender the secret And so what surrender the secret was, or is is a 10 episode Christian reality TV series focused on post abortion recovery. And so we filmed five women in Charlotte, North Carolina, we hired a professional crew, we hired a professional producer, because we're not from this industry. We certainly don't know what it takes to produce stuff like this. So we hire professionals to do that. And so we hot we hired this crew and film these women as they went through a Bible study, helping them through the healing transformation of Jesus Christ dealing with the pain of the past abortion. And so that was the very first project that we did. Is there anything you wanted to add on that? Carrie 8:45 Well, I was just gonna say that, um, I'm growing up in the church. I have a huge bloodline of pastors, Sunday school teachers from church God and I know for me In my past that testimony story, that I chose an abortion when I was 17. And I have I had, I've lived with that because being a child of the church that was going to really shame on a family. And so as we kind of started having this radical movement of the Lord Jesus in our family and our hearts and just being set free from that myself, we really felt called to see the I realized in church on sanctity for human life Sunday, they said here in Tampa, there was over 8000 babies aborted that year. And the Lord showed me the women. It was the first time I realized there was more than one woman in this hiding. And so it was like there was this awakening like I have to do something about This but I didn't know what that meant. So as my husband was being kind of called as well into this type of like, it was like a like a like a calling like a career change, we begin to Lord begin to show us as we sort we kind of like we're supporting pro life pregnancy centers and we're starting to get involved and we realized, with this platform of this media, the multitude of women that could be reached was unlimited. And so we didn't know that's what the Lord the first show the Lord was going to do. Was take us at that was like our founding a ministry foundational piece. And so, um, that was like, for us, looking back, I can see how that was God setting us up to where we even come into now, but we really wanted to help the church reaches when Because I'm not a young woman, I mean, and I'm thinking nobody's offered anything for the woman that's had that choice. And so we recognize why isn't the church talking about this? And I still think pastors know how I agree. No, when we show this show, I mean, we've had thousands of women, right. And thank you for producing the show. Women who have suffered in silence, they have not been able to forgive themselves. And they're watching these women go through transformation, forgiveness, they're watching them go through anger, and they're like, Wait a second, I can go to the walk for life. You know, a lot of women won't go. There's one in four women who've had an abortion, and they may get pregnant without the man. So there's men suffering, too. So there's really a breakdown a lot of Lost Children, you know, and broken families. And so, we felt like when we made this show like it would be A tool for pastors that maybe didn't know how to talk about it to know about it to say watch this show or and and then they can get into these groups themselves and go through it if they want themselves some women don't want to go through they'd rather watch somebody else and and just get free that way. But so it was really a personal mission that I didn't know the Lord was going to take and expand it with the media. We didn't know that was gonna be the first show. Seth Price 12:27 It's it's a small first show. I would agree as well. Yeah, small air quotes small. A lot of pastors and I've been privileged to speak with so many from this show, but then also talking deeply with my pastors. I think often they'll admit, you know, they don't we get all this seminary training in this hermeneutical training and exegetical training and all this other training, but we don't really get traumatic training and a lot of times the the members of the church need counseling, that a pastor is not always the best person to give another they don't need come alongside that meant that that that discussion, but not the only part of it. Yeah, yeah, I fully agree. Yeah, it's people don't I feel like that's why people don't talk about it in church, because how can you literally how can I, which is kind of, again, thematically some of the reasoning for the name of the Church of this show, is know, these conversations matter. The topics are bigger, and they're worth time. So I want to pivot to the reason that you're here. So you have a Is it a documentary or a movie or a blend of the two? What would you call your documentary? That is called blind eyes open? I think that's what it's called from and I didn't write that down. I think, is that what it's called blind eyes open? Yes, yes. I'll be honest. So the young lady that said that coordinated this meeting today. She sent it to me and said, You know, it would probably make more sense if you watched it ahead of time. And so I tried to watch it and I got about 30 minutes in And I just got so depressed. And so I had to close the laptop. I tried to go to bed, couldn't go to bed went into work the next day, and even my staff was like, you, you look sick as I didn't sleep well. And they're asking why. And I tried to tell them why. And they were like, That's awful. And then they kept asking questions, and I didn't have any answers. And so I tried the next day to watch more, it took me a full three and a half, four days to watch what normally I can sit down and watch TV for an hour and a half, two hours most of the time when it's something that doesn't really have any impact. So I want to talk a bit about that document because I think it's just some of the stats in there. The stories in there from the women that are in there like it's I don't know there's there's really not a lot of words. Can you tell us either one of you a bit about kind of the genesis of Why? Because blind eyes open is talking about sex trafficking in America and so why like why that topic? Why now Like, kind of walk me through that? Geoffrey 15:03 Well, the way we got into that topic is we talked about surrender the secret, that first reality series we did, and the distribution of that really took off and went into tremendous number of homes in the United States and then internationally as well. But as the distribution of it began to taper down, we talked with our board of directors and really began to pray, God, what's our next topic, and one of the board members introduced us to this topic of human trafficking that we didn't know anything about. And so I remember going to the first seminar we went to and began to learn some of these truths, and probably quite like you. The first time I ever went to a seminar and began to learn some of these real statistics. It's just jaw dropping, and how can I not know this before? Yes, but once I learn it, I can't unlearn that. And so very quickly, we got together and our board of directors agreed. You know what, we really do. Believe like this is the next topic for us to focus on. And so we began the production of blind eyes open, which is a Christian documentary about the truth of sex trafficking in America. And so and again, it's to reach the church, just like with the first this is to engage the church engage Christians around the country, in this topic, to make sure First of all, that they understand the truth of what's happening here in America. Most people when they learn about sex trafficking or human trafficking, most times they're thinking it's something overseas, right? In Thailand or Indonesia, or somewhere over there, right, like a lot of the movies portray? Yes, more and more people are becoming aware of the truth, that it's a major problem here inside of the United States. And so from the very beginning six years ago, this production, the sole focus has been to uncover and show the truth of what's happening here inside of our own borders, with our own children in our own nation. being purchased, bought and sold and raped and US citizens. And so it's an epidemic portion problem here in the United States. It's growing more rapidly than it's declining. And so that's really the truth of what we're trying to expose through this documentary. Seth Price 17:16 What are some of those statistics like? So I wrote and I can't remember if you said it at the beginning, or if it was one of the opening salvos there of texts, but there's what did it say 27 million people in slavery, and that the United States is one of the largest consumers of human trafficking. So is that 27 million in America or worldwide? Like Geoffrey 17:39 how does worldwide Yeah, that's a worldwide statistic. But what we did is we took out forced marriage from that number and landed on the 27 million, there's about 15 million forced marriages and so was zeroed in on that 27 million number. So that's a global number that includes sex trafficking that includes labor, trafficking, other types of forced labor, etc. And so that's where that number comes from the other statistic that you just mentioned, the other data point is that the United States is identified as one of the or the greatest consumer of human trafficking worldwide. And so those are a couple of global numbers. But when we talk about what's happening here inside the United States, we identify there are well over 100, 000 kids in America, these are American kids that are in America being purchased for sex every single day. So it's a major major problem. 60 to 70% of those kids are coming out of foster care. So foster care is the major major feeder for this problem. Seth Price 18:52 So Carrie, from, from what I understand you helped script the documentary correct or you did script the documentary He wrote, Well, Carrie 19:00 I'll tell you, we all worked on it. Because I had the we have a volunteer board. And I think because I was the one that was already home, it kind of became my main project. So um, yeah, yeah. But we all worked on it. But yes, it was. It fell back on my lap. Probably the most. Seth Price 19:28 Yeah. So how do you approach a topic like that when you want to make something so you said it took six years so how do you how do you approach a top How do you even begin to put together a project like that like, just from not from a production standpoint, but from like a heart set? Like how, how do you do that? Carrie 19:47 Well, I'll tell you what, God definitely did it. Anybody who knows us in our board will tell you this was a miracle. I think it was probably went through At least seven scripts. And God just blew everyone up. I think the script laid on my floor for three years and little teeny pieces. And it was probably written. Well, I don't know, do you want to like tell them what we had to kind of go through? Like it was a lot of spiritual warfare. Unknown Speaker 20:26 And was Geoffrey 20:29 a lot of ups and downs. I mean, there was some legal issues that we got into with the former producer that was resolved amicably. So it's just really been, I mean, it's been an absolute journey over the last six years. And so like, like Kerry said, I mean, it was multiple iterations of a script. We started with kind of a treatment. So when the production began, we, we didn't just kind of go out there with a camera and just start filming people. I mean, there was a tremendous amount of prayer that went into it. Tremendous amount of planning, identifying who it was. That we really felt called to be part of the documentary. And then, in the beginning had a show treatment where we kind of described how we thought the show would flow. And so that was kind of the basis of where it started. But from that point on, though, it just really took on almost a life of its own. And we filmed six survivors from around the country. Yeah, that are really the mouthpiece of, of telling their stories. And then we have other people in freeze different churches, different organizations, etc, that really feed in some commentary around those stories, but it's really the survivor stories that are the red kind of a common thread throughout. And so they really helped to lead the process as well, I think, for Carrie to write this but I will tell you just watching her labor on putting this thing together, it was an extraordinary thing because we're we had over 50 interviews with each interview being an hour and a half, maybe an hour Unknown Speaker 21:57 or two one with four Yeah, Geoffrey 21:58 one was for but On average, probably an hour to two hours. So we're talking over 100 hours of interview footage, that I truly think that she memorized to the point where she could identify, okay, what's going to come next? So it was, it was just an incredible process to see this come together, but absolutely, Holy Spirit led. And I think at the end of the day, the the main objective was to be obedient to what God had called her to do, and called our board to do to put this story together. So Unknown Speaker 22:30 yeah, before Carrie 22:31 I do want to share, this is a cool thing. So the way the way the Lord guided me This is a cool story. I would go to bed and it would like run in my head. And he would give me literally he showed me a clip come together with another clip. So I would wake up the next morning and I would go and I would find that clip. And I would dig through the transcript. And I knew kind of where it was. And I would piece that. And I remember pacifically, the two people he showed me, and I pieced them together. And then I would work and work and work. And I knew I was on track when I got to those two pieces, they made sense. And that's how it lasted for a long, long time, and I couldn't make it come until it was ready. And then I would go and I because I, you know, I had I was homeschooling. So I would work on this, between 3am and seven. And I would stay up and he'd go to bed and he'd be like, I'm going to bed and if you like getting to 12 o'clock at night, Seth Price 23:48 you know, like I'm almost there. I'm almost there. Carrie 23:51 And so I am so glad to be able to sleep. I couldn't get it and I would pray and go God, please give it to me. I would recognize it was always a tiny and that's what made it fun and enjoyable. But then it made it miserable, really honest, because I just wanted to be done. But God wouldn't let me it was in May. Seth Price 24:42 I can't imagine constantly going to bed thinking about the subject matter for that many days in a row like, honestly. I can't Yeah, yeah, I can't, I can't imagine. So I want to ask. So from what you have gathered all the information over all those years in the interview, that Ours and all the different ministries because throughout the documentary there are some of the survivors have gone on to create their own ministries which I found beautiful that out of it just found it beautiful. But why if you could flip a switch or four switches tomorrow and somehow or another shine a spotlight on it, what would change like in our churches or in our industries or in our I don't even know what the industries are like with with the knowledge that you have like how but besides talking about it for that one month out of the year, you know when we everybody says ended like what actually would need to change to move the needle to both lower consumption but also possibly change hearts to make the need for consumption also decrease. Carrie 25:50 Okay, the key is the heart that we saw even on this film, it has been From the day we started the heart. And we've all had to go through just our own hearts and what we were willing to take on and what we weren't in the trust with God. So I feel like for this film, it has always been the heart, like God is trying to reach the hearts and until there's like a heart change. Yeah, we're not going to end this problem. And only Jesus can do that. That's why he is really the answer are survivors and I know you didn't get to watch it all. But the survivors in there, they get into their piece where they talk about how God worked in their heart. Seth Price 26:41 I finished it. Oh, you did? I didn't finish it. Yeah, I just couldn't do it in one sitting. And just a bit of context, the way that I consume media, so I can read like a 300 page book in two and a half hours and retain most of it. College was never really difficult and thinking of like transition of like, I'm transcribing all the episodes of this show, like I can almost to the second usually drill down to when somebody said something. I did finish it. It just I, I don't do well with emotions. And I watched it 14 feet from both of my daughters while they slept. And yeah, and Carrie 27:21 it's real. Seth Price 27:22 Yeah, I yeah. But so I hear that. And so as I talked with, so I've been talking about this with a few friends, some of which aren't Christian, and they won't accept the Jesus answer. And just because they're not Christian, not that that's right or wrong. That is where they're at. However, there is not just Christians that consume sex trafficking. And so what do you think from what you've learned? We could actually like if they had something needs to change, it's black and white, be it regulatory Be it shining a light on this, that or the other like, what is it that would make it change? because things change when the light gets shine on, you know, you have, you know, the metoo movement in the church, you have the metoo movement outside of the church like things have changed, or at least they seem to have. And so what would that be like, for this issue? Like what, what needs to be that? Geoffrey 28:18 Well, one thing I'll mention, it comes from the name right blind eyes open. It's very intentional, why it's called that it's because we find so many people across the country today, either intentionally or unintentionally, are turning a blind eye to this issue. A lot of times, it's just because it's such a horrific issue they just don't want to pay attention to Yes, the problem is, with blind eyes turn, the problem continues to perpetuate. And so we've got to get eyes open to the reality of what's happening. And so awareness is obviously key. But then, what's one of the things the church can do to get involved in will certainly not only raising awareness within the congregation but also engaging in victim services. This is Very important that people and organizations and churches can understand who are working, who are already working within their community, to help reach victims of sex trafficking within their own community, and to engage with them and help those organizations to thrive. So on one end of the spectrum, which we call the back end of the spectrum, it's helping to rescue helping to restore those who have been rescued out of this. But we also recognize that we can't open enough safe homes, we can't have enough victim services in this country to end the problem, because it's really, when we look at this, it's a supply answer to a demand problem. So the real reason we have sex trafficking is because there is the demand. And so what can we do to begin to curtail that demand? Well, one of the things that church can do is to talk about it. So again, gauging people in the discussion, to have them aware, but also to make them aware of where do you think truly find one of the roots of why this is occurring in the United States. Why do we have an insatiable desire for sex growing with children? Where's that coming from? And we can identify the number one fueling factor to this problem in the United States is p*rnography. And we call it the downward spiral into depravity we address this also in the film, but back that p*rnography is really fueling this problem across the country. Because just like with drugs, studies are now showing that p*rnography is highly addictive physiologically in the brain. And at the same p*rnography doesn't provide the same level of arousal after being viewed once. And so what we have is really this what we call this downward spiral into depravity where individuals who are consuming p*rn on a regular basis, they feel a need to digest and consume more violent, more deviant and younger p*rnography and so it's the downward spiral into this depravity. That they then can't get out of. And there's a certain portion of those individuals then who want to actualize what they've been visualizing. And so that's why really, we see this problem increasing, because we've said many times that a man doesn't wake up one day when he's 40 years old and decide to have sex with a 12 year old. But that's not how it happens. There's a process over a period of years that occurs to where that begins to happen. And so, on the topic of p*rnography, there it is, again, the church has got to grab hold of this topic, and address this from the pulpit because we know statistically 60 to 70% of men in America are literally looking at p*rnography, or addicted to it. And that statistic is the same inside the church and outside the church. And so it's 30% of women. And so it's time really that the church also begins to engage in that topic. If we can get ahold of that one, we can save the next generation from even becoming addicted and driving the demand in the first place. So really, this is a generational issue, much like abortion. And obviously that was our first topic that we focused on so much like abortion, we really believe this is a societal issue. And it's a generational problem that is likely going to take generations or decades to really begin to make substantial differences in this country. But we believe that that can be done or we wouldn't be doing this. We truly believe that with the church engaging in this magnitude, that something can really be done about this. What would you if if I was a social services person or a foster parent or something like that in those circles if a lot of these children are coming out of the foster care system, and I don't know the statistics there, and if it was in the video, I don't I don't remember it. How could we address that? Because the social services are already overworked. Like I don't know how to. I just don't understand how to fix it. So what would you what would either of you do to kind of say, Hey, this is something that is impactful. It's something That's already regulated. It's something that already has accountability. Here's what we should tweak to help these children that are in the foster care system that are being taken advantage of. In the statistic there is about 70. So about seven out of foster care, yes, about 70% of the kids just say this correctly, about 70% of the kids that are trafficked in America are coming out of the foster care system. And so one of the things I would say is for the church to get involved in the foster care system for individuals, for families, to either foster kids, or adopt kids, we've heard this statistic before that if every church in America could adopt one child that's in the foster care system, you wouldn't need the foster care system tomorrow. Really and so when people say that Yeah, adoptive child or, or fostering a child, I always like to say you know what you're doing probably the most important work to stop sex trafficking in America. Because it's a loving home, that they can bring that child in and care for that child in a way that they need to be cared for. So they're not so at risk to be victimized in this way. Seth Price 34:10 Yeah, I want to ask a pastoral question. And so if I, if I go back to my church and I say, here's what we're talking about, we need to spend months, because it's it's a it's a topic that matters. If the church is called to do anything, it is to bring shalom to the world like to move towards the kingdom of God. And sex trafficking of minors or sex trafficking period is definitely not that it's it's the opposite of that. How does the church not break apart because churches are really good about arguing, and they're really good about making committees and really good about making a plan, and not often really good about doing anything about it. And so how would a pastor or church go about doing that, besides doing some form of false like, how do you prepare a church to not just lose its members? I can see the Pastor in the back going, Yeah, we should talk about that on a Sunday night that's attended by 10% of the people that come to church because I'm, I got a light bill. I got I got food I need to buy, like, how how would you approach that? Carrie 35:15 Well, actually, so when we actually produced surrender the secret there was already a tool that was in place for the church. So we just showed that, you know, through media, so with blind eyes open, there wasn't really a tool. So right now our board is actually making a Bible curriculum that's going to shadow the film after it's released. It'll be seven hours that can be done during Sunday school time. Our hope is that it's going to help the pastors and the leadership and anyone who's wanting to get engaged, actually, and the best way I can describe this is like if you're on an airplane, You need to oxygen, you put it on yourself, and then you can turn and put it on your child. So we're actually producing right now this curriculum that's going to in somewhat help deal with different parts, we're breaking down the film, it's going to deal with broken families, it's going to deal with, you know, vulnerability, really around human trafficking. But when we look at it as a whole, it's just the broken family. It's addiction. And then it's kind of getting into that transformation piece, and then actually helping the church engage with those who want to get involved, and what that looks like sort of some churches, it may just be organized in your intercessory prayer group, and other churches, it may be, well, it's going to help them we're gonna have resources through their sections that may help them hey, there's a couple ministries here in our hometown that we can actually help support because they are out feeding and going going in, and they're dealing with poverty because it runs together. And they're helping find those kids that are trapped in those low income hotels. And so we're kind of trying to work on that plan right now because we realize this is going to open up, you know, different pieces that I think not one church can really handle. But, yeah, that particular church handles just maybe in their area what they can. And so, um, that was my Seth Price 37:31 question. Like, when I finished watching, I'm like, Okay, so now what? You know, I was like, okay, Geoffrey 37:39 okay. Yes, that's why I asked. I had very few questions. I wanted to make sure that I asked but that was on the list. There's another one that want to make sure I asked. So the film focuses primarily on females. What is kind of the statistics or other any, it can't just be female. So what does it look like for males in Sex Trafficking here in the United States is when we, when we look at girls versus boys, for example, one DOJ funded study that we cite comp commonly. You remember when I said there's about 100, 000 plus kids that are trafficked in America for sex, X percent of those are boys. And so that's a statistic that's also shocking to people. Because when most people think about sex trafficking, they are not thinking about boys. They're not thinking about men. And so that is a whole nother dynamic. We do actually address that in the film as well that boys are trafficked to Yeah, but the six survivors that are featured in the film are all Seth Price 38:42 want to talk about two more things before our time and one is and I think Brooke is the one that brings it up the emotional bondage to the captor can either of you kind of speak to what that looks like? And then for me, it had a big correlation to the concept of great rooming. And as I was talking about this with friends, and as I began talking about it with my wife, you know, I have two beautiful girls and many people have two beautiful girls or one beautiful or beautiful boys doesn't matter beautiful children. I don't actually understand what I need to be looking for. And so how does how does a captor that is lowered my child into this if if someone listening I mean those statistics are huge. So somebody listening knows somebody that this is happening to statistically that the numbers of the show are big enough that that is 100% likely, how does that emotional bondage kind of what can you look for? And then kind of how does that relate to the grooming? Geoffrey 39:42 Well, I'll start and then you can even add in also. So the number one way that kids are trapped into sex trafficking in America is through what we call a Romeo pimp or a Romeo trafficker. And so these are guys who are extremely skilled at how to identify Young kids that are very, very vulnerable. Unfortunately, you can actually go on to Amazon today. And you can buy a book on how to become a violent sex trafficker. And it's actually prime. So they'll deliver it to you on Sunday, they'll deliver in a couple days. So, I mean, you think about the implications of that, and what that really shows about our society, that you can buy a book on how to do this. And so the guys that are doing this, mostly men, I mean, there are women as well, but the ones that are doing this, especially the Romeos, they're incredibly skilled at first of all where to go so they know where to go. They go to the shopping mall, they go to the bus station, they go to places where runaway kids are, they also go mainly also to social media. And so what they're looking for are young girls that are extremely low self esteem, very vulnerable. So they've grown up in a home where they haven't had unconditional love from the parents. Maybe they don't have a dad that's around a split family. They just haven't felt loved At home and so that young kid is looking for love elsewhere. And so these traffickers know what to look for. They're looking for the downtrodden, the the one that's kind of fallen behind the group, and they engage with that young child and basically start to show her attention. And in some ways, the first attention she's ever received like that before. And even though he's older man, he's engaging with her this this, you know, young teenager, but starting to show her this affection, maybe buying her gifts, etc. And then at a certain point begins to basically say that you know what, I'm your boyfriend, I love you. Well, that she's never heard that before either. So she falls madly in love with this guy. And so there's a grooming you mentioned, the word grooming, there's a grooming period, that it takes place, maybe six to nine months. And over that period of time, she ends up to the point where she'll do anything for him. And at a certain point in time, he'll flip a switch and basically so you work for me now. And at that point, it's kind of past the point of no return. It's what they call a stop. coma syndrome, or a trauma bond that exists where even though she's being victimized, unbelievably, she's still in love with this guy and will do anything for him so that the scenario we just painted is the most common scenario of how girls are lowered into the sex trafficking industry inside the United States. Seth Price 42:21 How do I know when that's happening? Like if I'm listening, and I have a 16 year old 1415 year old daughter or son, like what am I looking for? To go? Okay, this is different. Like we need to like something has changed here. Because if you wait till March seven, I don't you know, you like rioted at week one? That's right, Geoffrey 42:41 one, seven. Right. And you know, it's signs that parents can look for, but it's also signs that teachers can look for, or youth pastors can like pastors and churches, they can look for certain signs. And so some of those signs are a child who all of a sudden has a cell phone that didn't have a cell phone Before and if you're a parent, you don't know where that kid got the cell phone, what is that or they're showing up with jewelry, they're showing up with gifts and you don't know where they're getting them or truancy at school. So they're going to school, but then you're receiving truancy reports that you know what they're not they're not staying at school, they're going somewhere else, are children whose grades have been really, really good, really positive. And immediately all of a sudden drop off the map, something's going on. They're not always sex trafficking, but there's something going on there, or children that are extraordinarily tired during the day because they're, they're out all night. So these are some of the common signs and one thing I'd say to parents is just understand the dangers of social media. That is where most of these kids are lowered. And so it's understanding what social media platforms your kids are on and who they're talking to. Seth Price 43:52 This may not be a fair question, but I do want to make it my last one. How has going through both of these topics, but specifically, this one has been Going through this change the way that you parent, neither one of you Carrie 44:04 are perfect parents. Geoffrey 44:06 Absolutely, absolutely. Carrie 44:12 Um, I just started doing Facebook really about three months ago because I really haven't felt led to, to, to put my children on there. And I realized, like, I'm kind of losing connection with, with friends and my own family. So I've kind of gotten past all that. But um, I mean, we've had a lot of conversations with our kids. I mean, we mean they, I mean, our middle son is playing these games now. And these people come on and they talk. And one of the guys actually started asking some questions and he knew, like, I think for us, because we've been so involved in this and we've had so many conversations and our home and they've been exposed to almost every conversation and We're probably my kids are probably the kids that some parents don't want their kids are hanging around, but at least they're in. But, you know, he he reported a guy because he asked where your mom was. He thought that was inappropriate. Ask a What did he ask? He said, Where are you? Yeah, he asked where he was and then he asked what your mom's name was. So he reported him there's I guess there's a hotline with the these games they play, you can report like suspicious people. And so I was really surprised because he's a love it. I'm surprised he knew to do that. I was really glad that he's paying attention to that. Um, we don't let our kids go to the bathroom by themselves. They always have to have a buddy like we don't let our kids go into the restrooms by themselves. I feel like we keep a pretty close eye on them, but I have kind of moved out. I don't want them to be scared and live and so kind of at this point where, like, where, you know, I haven't given me any reason not to trust them. But we we do monitor, we have protections on all their devices. Every now and then my husband takes my older son's phone, and, you know, he checks to see what conversations are taking place. So we've got all the parental guards. And I think we just honestly, we really talk about it a lot. I mean, we inform them, you know, when we go to the mall, I mean, we just sometimes if someone looks not right, I might say like, hey, I want you to stay kind of close by me. I'm not really sure about that person. And they know what that means. Because we talk about it. Geoffrey 46:44 Yeah. Yeah, but one thing I'd say is we're very open with them. And because when we talk about this publicly, a lot of times parents will come up and say, you know, is what you're gonna say appropriate for my child? And my answer has always been if your child is old enough Understand what we're talking about, your kid needs to understand it. And if they're too young and it just goes over their head, then it's not going to affect them anyway. But I mean, young kids, when they start to be able to understand this topic really do need to be educated on this because that's when they're at that Prime age of vulnerability. And I'll tell you, we do have like, almost like a titanium bubble around our house when it comes to the technology. But I was preparing for talking at a convention one time and I was doing some more research on the p*rnography topic. And I read something and it stopped me in my tracks. Because what it said is you can have the tightest restrictions in your own home on all your kids tablets and their phones and everything. And you think it's all button solid. But all it takes is one friend. And right then it was like oh my goodness, what I'd never thought about that. And that night, a couple of years ago, I talked to our oldest son, and I just said to him, Hey, and we started talking a little bit. And I said, Well, what about your friends, and he actually had an instance where one of the Friends tried to show him something that was very inappropriate on cell phone. But I do believe that he was telling me the truth when he said, Dad, I didn't look. And that's because we've been able to share with them. The reality of what happens that yeah, it might even be desirable, but not to look at this stuff because it's a trap. And so I think probably the biggest way like Carrie says is just open lines of communication and being completely open with them about the truth of what's happening. Seth Price 48:26 Yeah, more information is if you can understand the information, it's not a bad thing to have it gives you power. It gives the person that is possibly getting taken advantage of power, and the scenario there so we'll good I think that's a good spot to leave. Thank you for taking the time to create the documentary. I do think it as well as a handful of other topics are the topics that matter for for my kids, like I like it matters. It matters for the country. It matters for my kids, that master my neighbors, kids. It's matters and when the church refuses to engage in things that matter, I genuinely think the world is a much worse off place. So thank you for helping to push that envelope a bit. And I really do hope that churches will come alongside as well as things that are not in the church as well and come alongside and, and try to help move the needle a bit. But, but thank you so much for coming on to both of you. I really appreciate it. Geoffrey 49:22 Well, sir, thank you very much. Really appreciate you taking the time to address this topic. It's not an easy one. No, but Seth Price 49:27 no, I don't get nervous for a lot of conversations, but I was nervous for this one. Yeah, I'm happy to get in the weeds on theology and hermeneutics, but this one it just it just hits close to home like i've you know, just hits close to home, so well thank Unknown Speaker 49:56 so the numbers are staggering Seth Outro 49:57 27 million in slavery, in bondage from this, 27 million people with an average age of those people being 11 sold into sex trafficking, for whatever the reason is, it's just not acceptable. Now I really struggled to watch the documentary. Yeah, it took me days to get through it. And the stories in it and we briefly touched on it in the episode I highly recommend, if this is something that you feel like you should engage with, do so. You can find a bit more about the show over at ships of Tarshish which that website is ships. TV sh IP s Thank you again for the salt of the sound for their music using this episode. I pray that each of you has a fantastic week. Be blessed.

A Christian documentary diving into the sex trafficking industry in the US exposing the darkness that fuels demand, highlighting survivors' transformations through Christ, and showing Christ as the hope for all involved. Cherie Hollis Natalie Kehn.

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He had cut himself that morning when shaving. As he was sitting across from me at the restaurant, I noticed the tiny cut on his jaw and my heart swelled up with love. It was these little things I noticed about him - a little cut, a mole even he may have never seen, a freckle on his nose so small you could only see it if you were very close to him, the way some of his eyebrow hairs looked golden blonde in the sunlight - that made the love I felt for him feel the strongest, because they made me feel like I knew him better than anyone else. "I love you, James" I told him softly and his eyes darted up from the menu he had open in front of him and lit up with joy. "What a kinky thing to say to your husband" he laughed, squeezing my heart over the table. It's true that I hadn't been my most affectionate self lately. With the baby coming, it seemed like almost anything could trigger my anger, an anger that I never even knew existed inside me before. I didn't like myself when I snapped at him. But I always apologized right after and he always forgave me. And he knew I loved him, as sure as I knew that he loved me. There were no doubts between us. We left the restaurant giddy and giggling like two teenagers. We had definitely needed that date, probably our last one until the baby came. It brought us closer again. It reminded us of our first nights out together. We stopped in the middle of the alley leading into the larger street we had parked our car on, so that he could zip up my jacket over my pregnant belly. As I was looking down to his hands fiddling with my uncooperative zipper - his beautiful, strong hands, that felt as familiar as my own after all the years I had held them - I heard a cold, raspy voice coming from behind him. "Turn around, asshole. It took my brain a few seconds to process what was happening. The voice came from a man wearing a black ski mask over his face. By the way he was standing close to my husband's back, I could only assume that he must have been holding some kind of weapon. My hands instinctively went to the belly, my brain screaming that I had to protect the baby. James' baby, who would undoubtedly have his ocean blue eyes. Our baby. James turned around slowly. As he did, I could see the glistening blade of a serrated knife pointed towards him. A scream stopped in my throat. My legs started shaking, my knees feeling like jello. I tried to analyze our attacker, memorize any details that would help the police identify him later. Average height, average weight. All black clothes. No visible tattoos. I couldn't distinguish the colour of his eyes. He could've been anyone. I could barely hear James telling the man that we didn't want any trouble, that we had money, that nobody had to get hurt. It all sounded like lines from a movie. This couldn't be really happening. We were happy. My due date was in almost two weeks. It wasn't possible. My ears were ringing. I felt dizzy, nauseous. James reached to his back pocket, grabbed his wallet and handed it to the man. He had a little picture of us in there - us on the beach one of our vacations, our faces beaming with big smiles. We were flushed from the co*cktails we had been sipping all day. It was one of the last times I would have alcohol - a week later we found out that I was pregnant. Our lives were only just starting. Next to that picture, he had folded the baby's first ultrasound. I felt even sicker remembering these details. Next, James took off his wedding ring and his watch. The watch had been a present from me for his thirty-second birthday. It had the message "I love you forever" engraved on the back. I had obsessed over which watch model to get, what message would perfectly express everything I felt for him. I slowly pulled my wallet out of my purse and, with trembling hands, handed it to James to give to our robber. Then, I took out our phones. The fact that I had his phone in my purse, because he kept putting it in his back pocket along with his wallet and inevitably cracking the screen sitting down on it, felt like such an absurd detail in that context - the subject of so many of the jokes between us contrasted with the blade of the knife held against my husband. The man took both phones with a swift movement. With them, so many of our pictures were gone. My growing belly throughout the months of the pregnancy. Several years' worth of travel pictures - cities we explored hand in hand, foods we tried for the first time together. Hundreds of pictures of our old, spoiled dog. "Rings" the man said flatly. I took off my engagement and wedding rings with mechanical movements, not fully feeling myself move. Nothing felt real. I remembered James kneeling in front of me and opening the little box in which the engagement ring was nestled, his gorgeous eyes fixing mine hopeful and full of love. I didn't even let him finish the question before saying "yes" and jumping into his arms. Remembering this, my eyes filled with tears and I started crying silently. "That's everything" said my James. He reached back and grabbed my hand, holding it softly, drawing tiny circles with his thumb on mine in an effort to calm me down, while he still had his back turned to me. Always taking care of me. Always protecting me. The robber didn't leave. For several seconds, he didn't even say anything. He lingered, seemingly debating what to do. I could feel my heartbeat in my temples. Suddenly, the man seemed to have decided. Faster than my brain could process, he punched James straight in the face. I can still perfectly recall the sound my husband's nose made when breaking. A second punch followed almost immediately - in his stomach. He stumbled back and collided into me, my back hitting the wall hard. A sharp pain burned in my belly. James was wheezing and gasping for air, bent at the waist. The man prepared for another hit, his fist tight. I started saying something, screaming something. My voice felt alien to my ears. He stopped, relaxed his hand. He was looking at me, not at James. Was that pity in his eyes? That's when my brain registered the blood running down my legs. The pain in my belly was hot and strong. I could feel myself getting way to dizzy. I forced my body not to slip into unconsciousness. I had to be there for my husband, for the baby. James straightened himself up and looked at me, noticing the blood too. He had tears in his eyes as he started whispering my name with worry. Whatever he was going to say was cut off by the attacker. "I hope you rot in hell, James, you f*cking monster. His voice was guttural, pained. He was shaking with anger as he plunged the knife into James' stomach. Once, twice. Again and again. Angry and quick, thirsty. I must have put my hand in front of the knife at some point, because he cut me too, although I don't remember doing it. I remember the blood. So much blood, everywhere. I remember the sound of the man's steps as he ran away, leaving me crying and howling, screaming for help, holding James' body as he started to shake. I remember trying to put pressure on the wounds, but not being able to cover all the sources of blood. I remember being frustrated with my small, useless hands. And I remember his voice right at the end, as we were waiting for help to arrive, as people started gathering around us. He was saying he loved me, repeating it over and over again, stuttering over the words, as I felt his body grow colder with every second. The baby was fine - a healthy, beautiful little girl, with my dead husband's eyes. I can't say I really remember the birth, just like I don't remember the funeral. Everything was a haze, a blur. I wasn't numb, not exactly. I was blind with pain, more pain than I could process. Everything hurt me. Holding the baby girl, the slight resemblance to my husband gutting me. Walking into our home, where we spent countless days together, where I slept in his arms every night, where we shared meals and made love, where we fought and made up. Seeing our dog curled up at the end of James' part of the bed as usual, where his feet would've been, the poor animal grieving too. Having to go through our usual routine alone, to sleep in our bed alone. That fraction of a second when I woke up and instinctively searched for his warm body, before reality hit me. But, as the days passed, one by one, the pain started becoming more bearable. I started living with it, as a part of me. I stopped crying every morning. I started being more aware, more myself again. I had to keep going. My baby girl was growing every day. And I finally had a purpose again. After some time, I was even able to bring myself to put some of his things in storage. His clothes, which still smelled so strongly of him that I felt like I could turn around and he'd be there behind me, with his usual little half-smile, ready to pull me into a hug. His toiletries. His collection of books. His old college textbooks. That's when I found, under what turned out to be a fake bottom of a wooden box inside which he kept all of his old high school yearbooks, a little silver-coloured thumb drive. Tiny. Cold on my palm. Inconspicuous. Plugging it in my computer, I discovered it contained five videos. In each video, there was a new little girl. Two redheads, three blondes. Fair-skinned. All but one curly-haired. Tiny and adorable. All of the videos followed pretty much the same scenario. The girls, usually already crying, their innocent eyes filled with pure fear, would receive several hits with a black paddle. Their desperate cries would be deafening in the silence of the dark room it was all filmed in. Then, they'd be hit with bare fists, angrily and mercilessly, focusing on their eyes and their teeth. The fists - obviously my husband's. Maybe not obvious to someone else. But I knew him. I knew his hands better than I knew my own. I noticed the little details, like the pale freckle at the base of his left thumb, getting covered in the children's blood. My husband's hands, that had held mine everywhere we went, that checked my forehead for fever, wiped my tears and gave me back rubs at the end of the day, colliding repeatedly into their small, fragile bones until they'd break. The abuse would keep going and going, each video hours long. After their pretty faces would be disfigured and unrecognizable, swollen, bruised and bleeding, he'd use various tools to lacerate their bodies. Sometimes he'd burn their skin with a lit cigarette. Again and again, until their bodies would be covered in burn marks, seemingly enjoying the repetition of the action. He'd whip, kick, cut, choke, but nothing sexual ever happened. His thirst seemed to be for violence, for the brutality of everything. At some point, their eyes would become glassy and unmoving. By that point, the crying and screaming would have stopped for a while, their spirits broken long before they died. He'd stop. The video would end suddenly, the last image a mostly indistinguishable mess of blood and bruised skin. From there, it wasn't hard to figure out who would have hoped that my husband would rot in hell, who'd consider him a monster. I found the girls in local missing children reports. There was no doubt that it was them, their little faced had been burnt into my brain. Their parents came on the news, crying and begging for their return. They'd look into the camera with a kind of exhaustion only the eyes of a desperate parent can have and plead for whoever had any information to come forward. They'd address the girls directly and tell them that their favourite plush toy was waiting for them at home, that their beloved pet was missing them, that they'd cook their favourite meal as soon as they'd come home. Only two of the bodies had been found. One of the girls, Abby, had a father that seemed beyond devastated. But he was undoubtedly considerably more overweight than our attacker. Not him. The other girl, Beatrice - Bea for her family - was an orphan, but she was in the care of her uncle and aunt. The uncle, David, fit the height and weight. But most importantly, I recognized his voice. I had been replaying "I hope you rot in hell, James, you f*cking monster. over and over in mind every day, hoping that I'd just recognize the voice one day. In a supermarket. At a gas station. I had heard that voice in my nightmares every night. And there it was now. There was no doubt for me. It was him. David raised little Bea as his own child after his older brother died in a car crash along with his wife. Bea had saved his life. She was his purpose. She gave him the motivation to recover from his lifelong battle with addiction. He built his life back up in order to give his niece the future she deserved. He said all of this through tears in interviews, begging for her to be brought back. She was brought back, but only so she could be buried. She was found in a river, her small body bloated from the water, one foot missing, seemingly chewed off by some animal. But the effects nature had had on her were nothing in comparison to the abuse she had suffered before she died. She had been bludgeoned to death. She had tens of cigarette burns on her body. Her fingertips had been burnt off too. Some parts of her skin seemed to have been poured scalding water on. Several of her teeth were missing, having fallen out as a result of the force she had been punched with. Knowing the torture she had been subjected to must have broken David. He hunted Bea's murderer and somehow found him, which even the police hadn't managed to do. He took justice into his own hands. He must have considered that even being put in prison for life would've been a mercy for my husband after what he had done. He deserved death. And most importantly, he had to be stopped. What had been done to Bea couldn't happen to another little girl. Finding James, he must have found out about my pregnancy too. He might have even found out we were expecting a girl. I was going to be bringing an innocent baby girl in the same house as a monster. James had to be stopped forever before I gave birth, for the sake of the baby. And then he never came forward about who James had been. He mercied me, allowed James to remain the wonderful person I knew him as in my mind, the love of my life. He mercied my little Jamie, allowing her father to keep being known as the strong, smart, loving man he had always been known as, instead of a heartless monster. I had thought that the attacker had stolen the most important part of my life. But really David was trying to protect both me and my baby. I killed David, of course. He was an intelligent man, clearly more capable than the police. But he had become careless. He wasn't cautious. He thought he had defeated the monster on that alleyway. He thought he was safe. Breaking into his home in the middle of the night was ridiculously easy. Just as easy as it had been when abducting Bea. He hadn't even installed a security system. Stupid David. When the effect of the sedative wore off, he woke up tied up. Defenceless. I had his girlfriend tied up too, in between us. Anger was radiating off me. I was impatient to make him suffer like my husband had suffered. But I kept myself in check. Control, patience, covering your tracks - I had learned it all from James. Shock washed over David's face as he recognized me. Enough patience. I grabbed the girlfriend by the hair. One hard punch in the face. Nose crunching as it broke, a spray of blood rushing from her nose. Another punch in the stomach. Then exactly seventeen stabs with a knife - one of David's kitchen knives, funnily enough - just like the ones in James' body. Now we were as close to even as we could be. This chick was nowhere as important to David as James had been to me. They couldn't have had the kind of connection we had shared. But she was everything David had left and I had to take everything away from him, just like he stole my everything, so that he'd experience the same pain as I had, before I murdered him. David's eyes are wide with shock, panic, fear, pain. He's crying, moaning uselessly against his gag, as life runs out of his girlfriend's body. Snot is running down his chin. Pathetic. "Did you think I didn't know, you moron. I growl at him, careful to keep the volume of my voice in check, so that the neighbours won't hear. "Did you think he hid something from me? We loved each other. I knew him better than anyone else. If this need was part of him, him, of course I'd accept it. Of course I'd help him. We were partners - in life and in everything else - do you understand. His eyes grew wider with realization. "Yeah, you underestimated me. I'm not some clueless, helpless wife. Did you think you were protecting me? Did you think you were protecting our baby? Did you think James would have hurt our baby? He would've killed a million others like your precious Bea before he hurt something that was part of me. And I would've been right by his side as he did it...

Blind eyes opened movie review. Blind Eyes. Blind eyes opened dvd. Blind eyes opened movie. Blind eyes opened streaming. Blind eyes opened scripture. Context: Horus is out of time so he wants to muster his forces for the final push to Terra. Problem was, Fulgrim and Angron have gone full daemon and their priorities are all over the place. They will not answer his call to arms so he dispatched Lorgar to fetch Fulgrim, and Perturabo to grab Angron. Angron being Angron, doesn't want to go anywhere without a fight, Perturabo knows this and so he did his home work and went to face Angron, fully prepared with a plan. Angron struck the summit of the hill as the Iron Warriors scattered. Steam poured into the air as the mud flashed to dust and then to glass. The daemon primarch rose, his movement a blur, the roar from his mouth shuddering through Argonis flesh. He had asked Perturabo about this moment, about how he would deal with the creature that his brother had become. ‘As all conquest begins – with his weakness, Perturabo had replied, and had given no further answer. On the summit of the hill, with the fire-wind of Angrons presence beating against his body and mind, Argonis could see no weakness in what the primarch had become. Perturabo stood inside the ring of his Iron Circle. The hammer Forgebreaker hung in his left hand, its head alight with cold lightning. The automata had turned so that their shields faced in, forming a circle around the two primarchs. Beyond them, down the flanks of the hill, the walls of the Iron Warriors formation had driven through the World Eaters. Volleys of bolt-rounds had ripped holes in the tide of howling legionaries. Tanks had ploughed through them, crushing bodies. Shieldbearers had followed in their wake, forming new lines of blood-streaked plasteel. It was no longer a defence. It was strangulation. Channelled even as they killed, the World Eaters were now cut into pockets, contained. It would not hold, though. ‘This is madness, shouted Argonis. ‘It was always madness, Voice of Horus, said Forrix, the words edged with a cold chuckle. ‘Now it is just visible madness. On the hilltop, Angron reared to charge at Perturabo. ‘Fire, said Perturabo. The Iron Circle obeyed. Fist-sized rounds tore into the daemon primarch. Explosions shattered against brass armour. Chunks of flesh and blood tore free, foaming into black ectoplasm as they fell. More units began to fire. Angron roared, his wings snapping wide as missiles and las-blasts tore them to tatters. The volume of fire was blinding, a lattice of angry light against the storm clouds. Angron came forwards, muscles pushing his form against the fire. Ichor drooled from gaping wounds, smoke and ashes shook from him. His flesh was remaking itself even as it was torn from him, swelling him so that he loomed above the crest of the hill, shivering with rage, radiating pain. For an instant Argonis thought that the creature would fall. Then he seemed to shrink. Wounds closed. Armour glowed white and flowed into bullet holes. A high ringing noise filled Argonis head, blotting out the sound of gunfire and the roll of thunder. He could feel nothing else, just the pain boring into the meat of his soul and burning down his nerves, and he knew that it would go on forever unless he stood, unless he poured it into the world as rage and let it coat his hands red. The deluge of fire intensified, but Angron had taken a step forwards, and the blasts and shots were vanishing into the shadow of his shape. The daemon that had been a primarch charged. Space folded as he moved. Features dissolved in a blur. His wings were slices of fast-moving shadow, his strides a flicker. The storm dragged after him. Lightning arced down, spearing through warriors and war machines. A tank exploded, its ammunition and fuel cooking off and punching its turret up into the air. A cluster of World Eaters became ash as power arced through them. Blood cooked and rose in charring globules. Argonis watched, unable to move, unable­ to turn his mind to action. This was not simply a creature of destruction; it was a force of annihilation that was not meant to share the same realm as mortals. He saw an axe form in Angrons hand. Its edge was a slit of sharpened light. Reality tore as it cut. Smoke bled from the wound left behind its edge. Perturabo was a statue of metal standing in the shadow of death. The axe cut. Perturabo moved aside. Even layered in armour and pistons, he was still faster than Argonis could dream, fast enough to almost avoid the blow. But nothing that was even half mortal could have avoided that cut. The axe struck his shoulder. White light blazed. For a second he could only see white, and then the neon scar burned onto the back of his eyes. He heard more blows fall, each one screaming louder than gunfire. In the pit of his soul, he thought of all of the duties he had done Horus in the hope of clawing back the feeling of brotherhood that had been everything but was now just a memory. This would not just be failure. This would be death. He would end here, another heap of butchered meat on a world that was a graveyard of bones in a galaxy they had set ablaze. It all ended here: redemption, brother­hood and the lie of a higher purpose. His sight cleared. Perturabo still stood. Impossibly, the Lord of Iron stood. Glowing scars marked the plates of his armour. Blood hissed as it ran over orange iron. But he stood, and Forgebreaker was rising in his grasp, its head a comet as it swung. Angron did not move to avoid the blow. He was swinging again, roaring, blood-slicked cables lashing around his head. Like all the other blows he had struck in the last second, it was faster than the eye that saw it. But Perturabo had timed his blow and slid it into the split-second gap as Angron swung back to strike again. The ­hammer struck. Forged by Fulgrim for the brother he had murdered, then given by Horus to Perturabo, it was a weapon that transcended even the craft put into its making. The hammer head hit Angrons chest. Brass armour shattered. The shock wave ripped outwards. Argonis felt it pass through him. Angron staggered. Perturabo stepped forwards, the hammer swinging back in a blurred sheet of lighting. Angron rammed forwards before Perturabo could strike, and now it was Perturabo going back, armour blackening as furnace flame breathed from Angrons teeth. The axe struck again and again, blows that could end Titans falling. Fresh wounds opened in Perturabos armour. But still he stood. ‘You think I am weak, Perturabos voice boomed from the grille of his helm. Angron struck him twice again. Splinters of metal fell from the Lord of Iron as he staggered once more. ‘But you have grown weaker, Angron. The daemon primarch lashed a kick into Perturabo and struck once, twice, three times as the Lord of Iron stumbled back and crashed to his knees. ‘I have learnt. I have remade my strength. While you have sold yours out of despair. Argonis heard the words, heard the spite in them, the cold bitterness. There was something else there, too, something that made Argonis think of the knife duels in the dark warrens of Cthonia – cuts meant to goad, not kill. Angron roared, and in the fraction of time that gave, Perturabo was on his feet, Forgebreaker moving faster than before. The air shook as its head struck and struck again, and there was blood on the baked mud of the ground beneath the two. Angron was scattering burning blood and broken armour. He lashed a fist at Perturabo. Claws tore the front from the Lord of Irons helm. Perturabos skin was pale grey streaked with blood beneath. ‘You are weak, snarled Perturabo. ‘You are a slave. You were born a slave and a slave you remain. Angron cut Perturabo. Argonis did not see it done, just the Lord of Iron suddenly still, a crimson trail running down his chest and glowing gashes smiling across his torso. Angron was striking again, but somehow he seemed to be shrinking, the edges of his shadow-and-flame bulk retreating like a wave from the shore. Perturabo struck back, and hammer and axe met. ‘Your strength flees, roared Perturabo. ‘It does not belong to you. It is your masters, and the chain that keeps you throttles you. The threads of blood are thinning. The meal of slaughter will only keep you here long enough to see your bastard sons die. Beside Argonis, Forrix heard the words and keyed a control on his vox. Rounds began to hammer into the divided World Eaters. It had only been seconds since the Iron Warriors formation had entered its last configuration, and now Argonis saw that its weakness to further attack up the hill was a simple trade-off: vulnerability sold to allow for slaughter. In a few more minutes the World Eaters would have broken out of their corral, Argonis had no doubt, but they would not have that chance. Mortars thumped explosives into the kettled XII Legion. Cannons roared in overlapping sweeps. World Eaters fell, torn apart, their fury no more than bloody mist coughed from shredding lungs. Angron turned towards the circle of automata surrounding them. His axe lashed out, burning gouges across the front of the circle of shields, again and again scoring deep. ‘Their skin is my skin, called Perturabo. ‘A gift of suffering at the hands of our brother. He was walking towards Angron, limping but hammer in hand. ‘You think that I would let your kind wield your weapons against me? I have taken their measure. Angron whirled, wings extending to carry him back at his brother. Perturabo raised his hands, weapon pods unfolding from his armoured shell. Angrons tattered shadow wings beat. Perturabo fired. Streams of energy and exotic rounds blazed across the space between the two. Fire and explosions wreathed Angron. Ectoplasmic smoke billowed off him. His wings were broken frames of bone draped with scraps of skin. Perturabo came forwards as he kept up the fusillade, each step a slow thud of braced pistons. ‘They will die, here on this hill. They will die without striking a blow. All your best mongrel sons of slaughter. They will die, and your battered soul will watch as it sinks back into the dark. Angron was an outline now, a thing of threads remaking itself even as it was unravelled into smoke. There was another thread on Perturabo and Mortarion's scuffle and a few people were doubting Perturabo's ability to deal with Mortarion. Perty has very big brains. Maybe the biggest brain of them all. His problem is his personality defects compounded by an entire DSM edition's worth of mental illnesses (surpassed in quantity only by Curze. That said, he is still extremely competent. Unlike Dorn, who fully admits through the Siege of Terra that all this warp shenanigans is beyond him, Perturabo gets it. He gets that at the end of the day, warp stuff is just an esoteric branch of science that can be empirically measured, researched and countered. He identified that Angron is fueled by intimate combat and prolonged bloodshed, so he denied that kind of fight to him. He corralled the World Eaters and strangled them from afar, with no chance for them to even strike a blow. This kind of cold, bloodless and dispassionate culling is anathema to Khorne's passionate slaughter. It's also hinted that he's made some funky ammunition to deal with Angron himself. The result is obvious, Angron stood no chance. Perty had his measure to a T, he denied him his strength, and tanked all his blows until he was reduced to nothing but ashen shadow, forcing a capitulation. Now, it's possible that when he ascended he became less competent (as you do, when you go full chaos) but as of as the First Wall, Perturabo is by far and away the most valuable player on the Traitor's side. Without him, Horus would have no hope of prosecuting the Siege. He's single-handedly carrying the red team.

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Blind eyes opened watch. Blind eyes opened film release date. Blind eyes opened fathom events. Part 2 I had just killed someone. And it wasn't some random stranger off the streets that I had dragged into a dimly lit alley and murdered for money, while using the cover of darkness to shield my conscience from the grotesque display. No, it was my own Aunt Samantha whose life I had choked out with my bare hands under the harsh, seemingly judgemental light of the ornate lamps that hung from the ceiling. Memories, ancient and unwanted flashed through my mind unbidden as I knelt over her corpse, motionless. I could almost taste the cookies she loved to make for us. Look away. Now. I tore my gaze off her lifeless eyes that still glinted under the soft glow from the fireplace and took in the scene around me, which seemed to play in slow motion. Allison was hovering around me protectively, brandishing a mangled, blood stained chair as a weapon while roaring like a lioness protecting her cubs as she and an exhausted Wyatt tried to fend off Uncle Brad, whose sharp blue eyes were filled with the sort of anguish I had never seen in my life, hinting at the deep wound I had inflicted on his very soul. I averted my own eyes quickly, before the guilt could successfully rip my mind to pieces. Uncle Freddy was sprawled on the ground nearby, unconscious, with blood gushing out of a gash on his forehead, ruining the expensive rug underneath. His wife, Aunt Susan was on her knees beside him, worriedly checking his pulse. Out in the backyard I could see my brother in law James locked in a desperate struggle for survival with both Cameron and Aiden, Uncle Brad's other son in law. What in the world had happened to us? Just a slight nudge and we had descended into a murderous madness, with me taking the lead in plunging down to the deepest depths of hell. Why? A loud splash of water jolted me back to reality. "He can't swim! He can't swim. A feminine scream from upstairs dashed down at us after James sent Cameron flying into the pool with a solid kick to the chest. Aiden wasted no time, and dove after him. Uncle Brad, in a fit of monstrous rage, tore through the human barricade preventing his advance and charged in my direction. I scampered off to the side, terrified more at the prospect of what I could potentially do to the grieving man than anything else, but I needn't have worried. He didn't come for me, but cradled his wife's head in his lap and sobbed uncontrollably. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "…Adam. The hand shook me. "Adam. It was Wyatt, looking at me wide-eyed. "It's not over. He whispered furiously. "Galen didn't vote, but everyone else did. Even now they outnumber us by one. We have to do something. My eyes quickly swept the surroundings once again, and sure enough, Vincent and his boyfriend Galen were nowhere to be seen. "Now, Adam. Wyatt's voice trembled. "That paper could still kill us. Understood. I nodded as I got on to my feet gingerly. "Allison, get our people out of here. I'm gonna be right back. Our people? When had my subconscious become comfortable with that distinction? My feet were moving before I even realised it. I bolted out the open glass door, the chilly mountain breeze crawling up my spine. I stumbled as I skidded on the slippery floor outside, but swiftly regained my balance and went running past the people huddled in a corner near the pool. "He's going to the shack. Brenda, Uncle Brad's other daughter shouted. "Stop him. But I was already upon the small brick and mortar guesthouse that had been renamed by our tormentors as the The Inventory Shack. I nudged the door open, and bright white light came pouring out on the tiled floor underneath my feet, causally overpowering the weak moonlight already present there. I took a deep breath, and stepped in. They had hung a black cloth across the room, effectively splitting it into two. The only thing on my side was a chair and a table, and Frank, Grandpa Henry's butler was sitting on the former. I turned to my left and stared down the barrel of a shotgun. "Frank. I said accusingly. "Good evening, Master Adam. He said jovially. "Congratulations on being the first one to arrive at the inventory shack. How can I help you. You can start by asking this son of a goat f*cking whor* to quit pointing a gun at me. I spat as I looked venomously at that masked asshole. "A necessary precaution. He replied, dismissively waving his hand. "So, you interested in purchasing something. He offered what looked like a menu of a high end restaurant to me. I skimmed through it, noticing it listed guns and their prices. "Just give me a shotgun. I snapped, tossing the menu down on the table. "Which one. I'll take whatever the chef recommends. He nodded and then clapped his hands. Moments later, another scumbag in a goat mask walked out from behind the curtain holding a sleek black shotgun in his hand. "This is the Mossberg 500. Said Frank. "It holds 5 shells. If you count the one in the chamber, that's 6 shots without reloading. I walked forward to take the gun. "That'll be a 100 million. Jesus Christ "Happy hunting. Frank added with a smile as I walked out of the shack, now a 110 million dollars down, ready to stain my soul with the blood of some more family members. Aiden had successfully rescued Cameron amd was now performing CPR on him. I felt a painful tightening in my chest as I realised I was going to make all his efforts useless. Brenda shrieked when she saw me. "He's got a gun. Aiden, c'mon we have to go. Please. She pulled at her husband's arm who refused to budge, so intent he was on saving his friend. I got closer, my footsteps now echoing off the floor. "Adam, please. She begged. "Don't do this. She shook her husband again. "Aiden. Let's go. I co*cked my head, and looked inside the house, only to see Uncle Brad and the others scurrying in different directions. My actions had caused total chaos. My head swooned, and my knees trembled as a massive explosion of guilt from deep within me threatened to destroy my control over my senses. Brenda finally made Aiden aware of the impending danger stalking him and dragged him off into the house, shouting expletives at me the whole way. I stopped near Cameron's wet body. A trail of water and saliva ran from the corner of his mouth all the way down to the ground. He coughed once, making his watery lungs gurgle. I aimed the gun at his chest. I hesitated. Do it. My parents, my Sister, Allison… Their lives were on the line. Cameron would do the same. No. He did do it, only James and I didn't let him succeed. My shoulders tightened as my finger neared the trigger. I looked up to see where that muffled voice was coming from. I couldn't quite make it out from here, but I knew it was Brandy, peering down at us from the darkness of her room upstairs. "Please. She said hoarsely, as if every word pulled and scraped at her tired throat. "We are going to have a child. Let him go. Tears blurred my vision and I faltered, but only for a second. "I have to do this, Brandy. No you don't. She cried. "End this. We'll all run away together, just as you said. Please, just… Stop this. It's too late for that now, Brandy. No it isn't. We can still…" I cut her off. "Did you sign the paper. Silence. "Well? Did you. I asked again, sighing as I got no answer other than some pain filled sobs. "Please, look away Brandy. You shouldn't watch this. Her screaming was almost as loud as the boom of the shotgun. I found them in our bedroom, looking extremely shaken. Allison jumped out of her chair and wrapped her arms around me when I entered the room. "I'm sorry, baby. She wept. "I'm so sorry. It's okay. I said. "I had to do it. It was the only way. That's not what she meant, Adam. Patty interrupted me. "It's mom. My heart skipped a beat. "What about mom. They've taken her. Wyatt replied, nervously twiddling his thumbs as he paced around the room. "Vincent came downstairs while you were in the shack, and helped the others drag her upstairs after knocking her out. Goddammit. Why didn't any of you f*cking do anything? I yelled. "I was helping James. I…. I didn't pay attention. Patty replied softly. "Brad hit Allison on the back of her head and I rushed to help her. Wyatt added. "It just happened so fast man. f*ck. I turned and walked out of the room, tightly clutching the shotgun in my hands as the others ran after me, asking me to not be hasty. But I was blinded with rage. First my dad goes missing, now they dare take my mom. "Mom. Where are you. I screamed as I entered the beautiful living room which was now marred with Aunt Samantha's corpse. "Mom. I yelled. "Where is she? I'll f*cking kill anyone who hurts her. Adam. Someone shouted from above. "She's here. I recognised that voice. It was Aiden. I should have shot that bastard when I had the chance. "Don't come up. I'll throw her out the window. He warned. "It might only be the first floor but let's see how her skull takes it if I drop her head first. My heart pounded as my body burned with anger. "What do you want, Aiden. Allison asked from beside me. "f*ck you, you psycho bitch! I'm not talking to you. What do you want, asshole. I spat. "A simple exchange. He replied. "Your mom for your gun. f*ck no. James swore under his breath. "Don't listen to this sh*t. Just go upstairs and shoot the f*cker. I put my finger on my lip, and he shut up. "How do we know you won't just kill us afterwards, Aiden. You'll just have to take that risk, I guess. You can't expect us to agree to that. Wyatt exclaimed. Silence followed that, I guess they were arguing about how to proceed. A new voice joined in a couple of tense moments later. "Hey, Adam. It's me, Freddy. How about this? You leave the shotgun near the stairs, and we'll come pick it up when we're dropping Daisy off. Allison tugged at my arm, and quickly whispered in my ears. "Okay. I agreed. "We'll do it. But the gun will be on the coffee table in the centre of the room. Fine. This is f*cking stupid. James swore, after we were sitting in our room post the negotiations. "If we're giving them the gun we might as well write our own names on a piece of paper and take it to the damn shack. I'll do anything to save mom, James. I replied. "Anything. But you're not, are you, you thick f*ck? She'll just end up dead anyway. Don't worry. We're not going to die. Allison said. "Because we're not giving them a loaded gun. I think they might have guessed that already. Patty said. "Then why are they agreeing to this. They'll take a significant advantage away from us. Allie replied. "And don't forget, we are barely evenly matched at this point, 7-7. 4 in Uncle Freddy's family, Uncle Brad, his two daughters and one surviving son in law. And that is if we include your missing father and kidnapped mom, and exclude Galen who refused to vote to kill us. If we lose the gun, and he changes his mind, we could be back to where we started. Yes, and it'll be harder for us to stop them this time. I added. "Now that they know what I am capable of. No. What we are capable of. Allison corrected me as she grabbed my hand reassuringly. "It was a collective decision on our part. We all chose to help you do it, Adam. Not to mention they forced us into this position. I won't let you shoulder the guilt all by yourself. I won't allow it. Yeah. Wyatt nodded. "I pushed you into killing Cameron. I killed him just as much as you did. I could tell he genuinely meant that by the heavy guilt and sorrow I saw in his puffy eyes. "So what now. James asked. "I think we should try and take both the gun and Daisy. Allison answered. "I have a plan. Around fifteen minutes later I was back in the living room, shouting to make my voice heard upstairs. "Alright. I've placed the gun on the table. You can bring mom downstairs now. Aiden replied almost immediately. "I changed my mind, Adam. We'll take the gun first and then send your mother downstairs. f*ck. They must have talked amongst themselves. Allison shook her head furiously and mouthed 'No' at me. "That's not happening. You bring my mom down and take the gun up simultaneously. Don't test me, Adam. I'll hurt her. I swear it. You don't test me, Aiden. Do as I tell you, or I'll come marching up the stairs and f*cking slaughter the lot of you. Understand. I could hear them arguing with each other. A short while later, he shouted that he was coming down and asked us to clear the area. So I ran and hid beneath the staircase. I could see Allison hiding behind a curving wall, holding one of the legs of the chair she had been using in the last fight, the broken end sharp enough to pierce skin now. Wyatt, Patty and James were similarly positioned, just out of sight of anyone coming downstairs. I heard heavy, lumbering footsteps above me. Two. No, three people. I clenched my fists as I heard my mother groan. "Do you see it. Freddy whispered. "Yes. It's there. Aiden replied. "And Nobody is around either. Be careful. I will. Aiden sprinted towards the coffee table, quickly picking up the gun. "f*cking thing is empty. Just like you said. What are you doing? Don't waste…. I ran out from my hiding spot and charged at a shocked Aiden, slamming into him and taking him through the glass table, which shattered on impact, the broken glass lacerating my arms. James and Wyatt followed suit, attacking Freddy who was desperately trying to retreat back upstairs. Aiden and I struggled on top of numerous shards of glass, trying to wrestle the gun away from the grasp of the other person. When it looked like I was going to get the upper hand, he gave up entirely and started raining heavy blows down on my back, knocking the wind out of my lungs. I groped for a piece of glass I could use as a weapon, my hand finally finding something usable, getting cut up pretty badly in the process. Gritting my teeth, I fought through the pain and tried to plunge my makeshift knife into Aiden's ribs, but he was faster and a sharp pain erupted in my sides, making stars dance in front of my eyes. The glass sank in with a sickening thunk, and I almost blacked out, but he twisted the glass and pushed it in deeper, making me scream in agony. I rolled off him, and he quickly jumped on top of me, ready to stab me again. He might well have finished me off if it hadn't been for Allison who swung her piece of wood hard at his head. And then kept on swinging till he collapsed on top of me. I took full advantage of his descent and thrust my shard of glass at his throat. It was his own momentum that sealed his fate, the glass going in so deep that there was absolutely no hope for him left. Warm, coppery blood poured down on my face and neck, and I frantically pushed him off me, spitting to clear my mouth. "You okay. Allison asked as she helped me get up. I nodded. It hurt like hell. But I'd live. And that was what was truly important. I picked the gun off the broken table, and hobbled over to where James, Patty and Wyatt were fighting with a wrathful Freddy who was trying to fight his way to me, using what looked like a slat from a bed to fend them off. I quickly pulled out the shells from my shotgun and began stuffing them in the gun. "Aiden. Freddy shouted, but then a flash of fear crossed his face as he saw me loading the gun. More footsteps on the staircase. Others were running down to see what the f*ck had happened here. But Freddy stopped them as he himself scrambled for the stairs. "No. Go back upstairs. I pointed the gun in his direction and pulled the trigger. Bang. Gore splattered the family portrait on the wall behind him as the shells punched a hole through his chest. I had just killed the third member of my family, and was now 130 million dollars down. I laughed maniacally at the sheer hopelessness of my situation. Part 4 M.

Blind eyes opened theatres. Blind eyes opened movie trailer movie. Just want to give a shout out to the YouTube page team and director Jim Carroll for getting into arguments with the people leaving comments. I'm positive Sony is kicking themselves right now for not employing this marketing strategy when Ghostbusters 2016 became the most disliked movie trailer on YouTube.

Blind eyes opened stream. Blind eyes opened cinemark. Seriously though, this guy looks like he holds the universe's secrets in his eyes, is no one gonna talk about that? Christ his eyes are beautiful. Blind eyes opened netflix.

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