Terraria Pylons – How to increase NPC happiness (2024)

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Keeping the NPCs in Terraria happy lets you access a bunch of cool and rare items, but they can be a little fickle.

You'll encounter various NPCs during your travels through the different Biomes in Terraria, and some of them will want to move to your town. You'll need to ensure these NPCs have an empty house to move into, how many and which types of NPCs live beside them and what Biome they live in to achieve optimal happiness.

The Zoologist, for example, prefers living in the Forest Biome, and you'll be able to purchase the Leather Whip from them if they're happy enough. Another upshot of having happy NPCs is that you'll be able to place Pylons in the Biomes that will allow you to fast travel.

Terraria - How to unlock NPCs and make them happy

Your Bestiary will give you details of who likes what and why, which makes placing NPCs a little easier. There are at least 25 NPCs to find and each has their preferred Biome to live in, neighbours and requirements for unlocking. Each NPC will offer you something unique like recipes, supplies and some can even heal you and remove buffs. If you have at least two happy NPCs in a Biome, you can purchase a Pylon that will allow you to teleport around the world.

NPC Where to find themPreferred Biome Preferred neighboursReward
Arms DealerMust have guns or bullets in your invetoryDesertNurse and SteampunkSells guns and ammo
AnglerCan be found in or near the OceanOcean Demolitionist, Party Girl and Tax CollectorWill give you fishing quests and rewards
ClothierCan be found after defeating the SkeletonUndergroundTruffle and Tax CollectorWill sell you Vanity outfits
CyborgCan be found once Plantera is defeatedSnowSteampunker, Pirate and StylistWill sell you proximity mine launcher, nanites and rockets
DemolitionistYou must have an explosive in your inventoryUndergroundTavernkeepWill sell you explosive
DryadYou must defeat a bossJungleTruffle and Witch DoctorSells nature-related items and will inform you about Hallow and Corruption levels
Dye TraderEither find a dye item and kill a boss or acquire a Strange PlantDesertArms Dealer and PainterSells dye vat crafting station and will give you rare dyes if you trade Strange Plants
Goblin TinkererCan be found in a cave after the Goblin invasionFirestGolfer and NurseYou'll get the Tinkerer's Workshop and can reforge items
GolferCan be rescued from underground DesertForestPainter and ZoologistWill sell golf items
MechanicCan be rescued from DungeonSnowGoblin Tinkerer and CyborgWill sell mechanic items
MerchantYou can persuade him to join you for 50 silverForestNurse and GolferWill be a permanent vendor
NurseGet a sixth heart in your health barHallowArms Dealer and WizardCan heal you and remove buffs
PainterWill arrive once eight NPCs have moved inJungleDryad and Party GirlSells paintings, Jungle Pylon and Painting tools
Party GirlShe'll spawn after 14 NPCs have moved in and can sometimes be found on the Secret SeedHallowWizard and StylsitSells party items
PirateCan be found once Pirate invasion is overOceanAngler and TavernkeepSells Summoner equipment, Imbuing Station, Blowgun and Fountains
Santa ClausCan be found when the Frost Legion is defeated at Christmas timeSnowEveryone except the Tax Collector and Desert BiomeSells Christmas items
SteampunkCan be found after you defeat a Mechanical bossDesertCyborg and PainterSells Steampunk items, Jetpack and Teleporter
StylistCan be found in the Spider CaveOceanDye Trader and PirateCan change your looks
Tax CollectorUse Purification Powder to transform a Tortured SoulSnowMerchant and Party GirlGenerates a lot of money for you depending on the number of NPCs you have
TavernkeepDefeat Eater of World or Brain of CthulhuHallowDemolitionist and Goblin TinkererSells Summon items and will help fight the Old One's army
The GuideMust start a new worldForestZoologist and ClothierWill give you hints, tips and recipe and will sacrifice themselves to Wall of Flesh
TruffleBuild a house in and above ground at the Glowing Mushroom Biome in HardmodeSurface MushroomGuide and DryadSells Mushroom items
Witch DoctorCan be found once Queen Be is defeatedJungleDryad and GuideSells Summoner equipment
WizardCan be rescued from Cavern Layer in HardmodeHallowGolfer and MerchantSells magic items
ZoologistMust have 10-15% of Bestiary completedForestWitch Doctor and GolferSells leather whip and animal related items

Terraria - How to unlock Pylons

You'll need to make sure that you place each NPC near another that they like in the correct Biome where possible. Once they are happy enough, you can buy Pylons for fast travel. Only specific NPCs sell Pylons and you'll need to use specific pairs to unlock them:

  • Zoologist and Guide
  • Arms Dealer and Nurse
  • Mechanic and Goblin Tinkerer
  • Stylist and Angler
  • Clothier and Demolitionist
  • Painter and Dryad
  • Party Girl and Wizard

Once you've got a Pylon, place it and you can fast travel between Biomes as long as there are at least two Pylons placed. You can check out this handy guide from HappyDays for more info on Happiness.

Terraria Pylons – How to increase NPC happiness (4)
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Now that you've done that, you can check out our guides on where to find every Whip and how to summon and defeat the Empress of Light.

Terraria Pylons – How to increase NPC happiness (2024)
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