Resources For K-3 Teachers | BrainPOP Jr. (2024)

Cultivate curious, creative, and confident elementary students with educational movies, relatable characters, and learning activities that are as dynamic as your K-3 classroom.

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Annie's Notebook

Easy and Hard Quizzes

Word Play

Creative Coding

Write About It

Draw About It

Talk About It (and more!)


At the heart of every BrainPOP lesson is a movie—with relatable characters and humorous stories—designed to teach K-3 learners in a way that’s engaging and accessible for them. Built-in questions, via Annie’s Notebook, help students focus on the most important information.

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Annie's Notebook

Make movie time an active learning experience with embedded prompts that reinforce key concepts and get students involved in their own learning.

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Easy and Hard* Quizzes

Encourage students to practice and apply critical thinking and comprehension—while monitoring their understanding of new concepts—with quizzes connected to the movie.

*Difficulty is distinguished by complexity of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure to meet K-1st and 2-3rd grade needs

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Word Play

Strengthen students’ recall of new vocabulary through interactive writing, drawing, and speaking prompts that help them show what they know—in the way that works best for them.

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Creative Coding

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Kickstart students'computational thinking skills with block-based coding. Developed in partnership with Scratch, topic-based projects provide every teacher a way to introduce computational thinking that fosters creative expression and experimentation.

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Write About It

Encourage students to practice and apply their new vocabulary knowledge right alongside their writing skills.

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Draw About It

Give students the opportunity to show their understanding through art with prompts like: “Draw something you are curious about and want to explore.”

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Talk About It

Make connections between concepts by discussing and organizing connected ideas with discussion prompts and graphic organizers.

...and more!

Create even more opportunities for learning and laughter with “Pop a Joke,” “Belly Up,” and other games that excite and engage.

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Foundations for the future. Fun for right now.

Teach your K-3 students to love learning and help them succeed in the rest of their elementary curriculum—and beyond. Animated movies with relatable characters introduce students to new concepts and vocabulary, while interactive and educational activities provide creative opportunities to build knowledge and show what they know.


The science of learning. The art of engagement.

  • Humor is more than being funny—it can also reduce young students’ anxiety and stress around learning. This creates a positive classroom environment that supports students, encourages them to participate actively, and helps them enjoy the lesson at hand.

  • Emotions make learning experiences more memorable for young learners. BrainPOP Jr.’s stories strategically help elementary students connect to the characters, and therefore the content, of any given lesson—turning learning from from a task to a treat.

  • The story format presents knowledge in an accessible, sequenced structure that helps younger students remember information and develop key foundational knowledge. In other words: stories help elementary students meet (and exceed!) their grade-level expectations.

  • The content knowledge presented in each BrainPOP Jr. movie is developed with multimedia learning best practices in mind, and formulated to give each student a point of entry to the material. This means that—regardless of reading level or level of understanding—going into a lesson, each studentcan continue into the learning activities with enough knowledge to participate confidently and learn proudly.

  • Quizzes and connected activities provide low-stakes opportunities for students to practice, make mistakes, and get feedback on their learning. Like humor, this reduces classroom anxiety and makes for resilient students who are comfortable with challenges.


Animated movies. Live-action impact.

Research shows that stories add context tocomplex concepts—making it easier for young learners to understand and relate to their experiences.

That’s why BrainPOP Jr.'s animation and characters like Annie and Moby are so effective: they create a visually engaging and relatable learning environment that caters to early elementary students’ unique needs, and help them confidently understand newtopics.

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Source: “Characters” movie on BrainPOP Jr.


But don't just take our word for it

"When students gather on the carpet for us to view a BrainPOP Jr. movie as a class, you can feel the excitement in everyone. The whole class knows we are about to learn a lot, see a lot, think about a lot, and most likely, laugh a few times (the humor embedded is amazingly perfect)..."

Lisa W., Teacher, Austin Independent School District, TX

"BrainPOP Jr. helps me meet the needs of all of my students. I am able to differentiate the content and how I assess them. They have a voice when they share what they have learned with Creative Coding and Make-a-Map. They get so excited and love learning with Annie and Moby!"

Stacey S., Teacher, Austin Independent School District, TX

BrainPOP Jr. helps my students so much. They are struggling English language learners, and having them verbally express themselves with the coding helps them build that confidence with the language.

Alex L.,Teacher, Central Islip Union Free School District, NY

"BrainPOP Jr. helps my library learners learn about the library, story elements, poetry and more! My students love the humor in the videos."

Donna M., Librarian, Hopkinton Public School District, MA

"…[In my recent BrainPOP Jr. lesson], each child watched what interests them. We then had a great discussion…it was truly a sight to be seen and heard. The kids were so excited to share what they had seen…"

Katie S., Educational Technology Specialist, City School District of New Rochelle, NY

Bring BrainPOP's online teaching resources to your school or district!

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Age-appropriate, active learning

Friendly, animated characters—alongside interactive quizzes and activities that build and deepen knowledge—keep students involved, engaged, and invested in their learning process.

What teachers need—when they need it

No matter what’s on the day’s lesson plan—from science and math to art and music—there’s a BrainPOP Jr. topic ready to make teachers’ days easier and students’ days brighter.

Encourages critical thinking

Learning activities teach more than just the facts—they also spark students’ critical thinking skills, and help them understand the world around and within them.


Content across the curriculum. Skills that matter most.

Resources For K-3 Teachers | BrainPOP Jr. (2024)
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