Guide to NYC Classes for Kids (2024)

New York City has an almost overwhelming range of classes for kids. Whether you're looking for soccer lessons for toddlers, swim lessons for kids, music classes, art classes, STEM programs, or more, you are spoiled for choice in all five boroughs.

In this Guide to Kids Classes in NYC, we offer inspiration and advice from local moms on where to find the best classes andhow to choose classes and enrichment activities for your kids. We even have posts about FREE classes and programs for parents, too. Be sure to check out our Class Directory where you can browse programs by category, location, and age range.

Guide to NYC Classes for Kids (1)

Guide to NYC Classes for Kids (2)

Spotlight on Classes for Kids in NYC

Top 10 Tennis Classes in NYC for Kids: Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Lessons and Programs

Best Coding Classes in NYC for Kids

Ninja Warrior Gyms and Parkour in NYC for Kids: Cool Classes for Your Little Daredevil

Musical Theater Classes in NYC Where Kids Can Sing, Dance, and Act

Back-to-School Guide

Baby Swimming Lessons in NYC: Mommy-and-Me Swimming Classes for Babies and Toddlers

Featured Listings

New York City Ninja Academy
Bloomingdale School of Music

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Sports Classes for Kids in NYC

Boxing Classes for Kids in New York City

Best Gymnastics Classes in NYC for Kids

Baby & Me Classes in NYC

37 Top Mommy-and-Me Classes in NYC for Kids

Best Baby Sign Language Classes in NYC

Pregnancy and Parenting Classes in NYC

Creative and Performing Arts Classes for NYC Kids

Best Dance Classes in NYC for Kids

Latest Classes & Enrichment News

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Learn from Broadway stars and industry pros.

Best Dance Classes in NYC for Kids

These local studios offer classes in everything from ballet to break dancing, and beyond.

Teens Can Apply Now for Summer Internships in NYC

Take note: Now is the time for teens to apply for these summer gigs.

Best Free Coding for Kids Websites and Apps to Learn Programming Skills

These programs teach kids how to code, build websites and apps, and more.

Best Soccer Classes for Kids in New York City

Learn the beautiful game at one of these local soccer leagues and classes.

Best Gymnastics Classes in NYC for Kids

Often called the "mother of all sports," gymnastics gives kids an early fitness foundation.

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Guide to NYC Classes for Kids (28)

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Guide to NYC Classes for Kids (29)

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Guide to NYC Classes for Kids (30)

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Guide to NYC Classes for Kids (2024)
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